Kanji Episode Title
Episode 18 - "Love-Love Epic Battle ~The Beginning of the End~"

Please, introduce yourselves:

  1. The Seiyuu (2 cards edited into one)
  2. Masaki Tenchi (did we wake you up?)
  3. Hakubi Ryoko (burned out and run down)
  4. Masaki Ayeka Jurai (more domestic every episode)
  5. Masaki Sasami Jurai (lovely cooking)
  6. Kuramitsu Mihoshi (maturity quotient is down too)
  7. Hakubi Washu (info intake the old-fashioned way)
  8. Hakubi Ryo-Ohki (miya) ship, original and assimilated
  9. Kamiki Noike Jurai (an ever present presence)
  10. Kamiki Seto Jurai (powerful)
  11. Kuramitsu Misao, as a little dandy, and an obsessed adult
  12. Mashisu (no family name here, but she picks one up before GXP!) ^_^
  13. Fujisei
  14. Sorunaaru
  15. Baguma
  16. Subordinate A
  17. Z (wicked little voyeur)
  18. Tsunami (well this is the way she appeared in this episode)
  19. Subordinate B
  20. Subordinate C

     I need help with the names of the Subordinates (above)... They are in the character designs on DVD 3, but the writing is so small, I can't figure out if they are actually given names.
     Also, I'm not sure I got Fujisei (Fujitada, Fuzitada, Fuzisei, etc.) or Sorunaaru corrent. If I screwed up, somebody let me know.

  1. The Chobimaru orbits Jupiter. What is this, the closest ships are allowed to Earth?
  2. Misao paces and rants on the bridge of the Chobimaru.
  3. Ayeka none too thrilled with the uninvited guests/prisoners at the house.
  4. GXP officers visibly stunned.
  5. Washu and Seto: serious mode.
  6. Noike, graceful host, even under reality show conditions.
  7. Mihoshi and Noike in long discussion.
  8. A major structure of the interior of Tsunami
  9. Another view, showing more. Very odd design
  10. The former prisoners are now served party drinks, but are fearful of the contents
  11. A flashback to the Kuramitsu family (jaw drops to floor, heart flutters, aa! Mihoshi!)
  12. Misao gives some needed attention to Mashisu
  13. The light-hawk-wings enshroud Tenshi (the bright spot) at Lagrange.
  1. Our captain is totally nuts!
  2. Determined to destroy that menace, Tenchi
  3. Misao examines the Chobimaru's forward displays.
  4. You shouldn't piss-off those who know how to override your displays.
  5. Guess whose coming to war (who the hell bronzed Ryo-Ohki?)
  6. "If we aren't nice and behaved, that little beast will hurt us!"
  7. Bang! Bang! Washu's squeaker hammer came down upon his head!
  8. It's the real Dirty Pair. (surely that's Lovely Angels?)
  9. An odd scowl from Washu
  10. Sasami's Battle:
    1. Sasami drags in the last prisoner.
    2. Sasami, battle dancer
    3. Whip it! Whip it Good!
    4. Sasami gets cute with sibling talk
    5. Pretty Samy arrives on the scene ^_^
    6. From hairband to stave.
    7. All business
    8. Battle Athletes
    9. Hot and Mean <sizzle>
    10. Dancing amidst the Light-Rain
  11. Under house arrest
  12. Washu and Seto.
  13. The two old friends get emotional.
  14. Ryo-Ohki's primary offensive weapon unleashed.
  15. Tsunami arrives.
  16. Ryo-Ohki and Mihoshi play DDR at the party (well... drunk and dancing on the table).
  17. Ryo-Ohki commences ramming assault (Ludicrous speed!)
  18. Here we see Ryoko piloting Ryo-Ohki and having too much fun.
  19. Assault routine. In one side... and out the other.
  20. Too much partying and grog, or dizzy from the spinning deep space battle?
  21. Misao reviewing the Chobimaru's damage report
  22. It's in her kiss.
  23. Traumatically injured. {enhanced}
  24. The Kuramitsu estate.
  25. Serving Wench Sasami (is it Oktoberfest?) "What's do you call this?" "It's pink."
  26. The two Ryo's cover the Chobimaru with a slag of graffiti. Anyone able to read that?
  27. Grumble. The embarrassingly lazy Ryoko. Where's our old girl?

Devastating Spoiler Section (after the credits):

  1. Noike goes blank
  2. A desperate warning to Tenchi (Noike is definitely off-line)
  3. Planet Buster Ball.
  4. Devastating First Impact! <gomen>
  5. Witnessing the liquidation of the landscape
  6. Light Hawk Wings in space
  7. The absolute horror
  8. Hovering over the unthinkable devastation
  9. THE END

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