Episode 16 - "Strategy: Now, While Recuperating"

Once again, your cast:

  1. The Seiyuu (2 cards edited into one)
  2. Masaki Tenchi (beginning to feel better)
  3. Hakubi Ryoko (even cheery, she's lookin' pretty ugly, now)
  4. Masaki Ayeka Jurai (feeling depressed)
  5. Masaki Sasami Jurai (looking like it's gonna be a good morning)
  6. Kuramitsu Mihoshi (just goofy - I miss the old Mihoshi)
  7. Hakubi Washu (as always, intelligence is beautiful)
  8. Hakubi Ryo-Ohki (she brightens)
  9. Kamiki Noike Jurai (why is she the best looking, now?)
  10. Masaki Katsuhito (just another day at the shrine)
  11. Kuramitsu Minami (it's the Marshall, putting forward both his moronic and insane fronts)
  12. Kuramitsu Nakita (plots are a-hatchin')
  13. Kuramitsu Misao (Mihoshi's brother? "Dude looks like a lady." Hot, too! I see bishies.)
  14. Z (Wow, look! Z's got groupies!)
  15. Azaka and Kamidake ("Somebody please clean us!")
  1. Pre-dawn at the Masaki house.
  2. Noike stands above Tenchi at his bedside.
  3. Noike, in a less threatening mode, in Tenchi's room, while he recovers.
  4. Ryo-Ohki and Noike pay a call on Washu, in her lab.
  5. The backside of the house, as Noike and Ryo-Ohki head out to the fields.
  6. Ryo-chan climbs the stairs (so kawaii I left her in twice). Miya!
  7. Noike talks with Katsuhito. It's alright if it's not a cover?
  8. Carrot paradise. Don't people wonder where all the carrots are going?
  9. Noike and Sasami in the kitchen. Testing the meal.
  10. Noike chews out Mihoshi during dinner.
  11. Noike checks in on Tenchi.
  12. Dawn breaks over the carrot fields, greeted by Ryo-Ohki and Noike.
  13. Washu eavesdrops while Noike points out a few things to Ryoko and Ayeka.
  14. Washu in the dark (if you auto-level this, Washu will look good, but not the BG).
  15. Noike falls asleep while watching over Tenchi.
  16. Tenchi and Noike enter the main chamber of Kyoko (Noike's tree).
  17. It's Kyoko-chan. She may be small, but she's a massively powerful tree.
  18. A view upwards from the ring-lake. That light is the dining barge.
  19. Noike remaining pleasant and charming.
  20. Before his bath, Tenchi is dwarfed by the central tree. Mmmmm, BIG!
  21. Tenchi gets a good look over the balustrade at the landscape.
  22. Noike prepares to bathe with Tenchi.
  23. More of the central tree, from within the branches, this time.
  24. She's soaking in it. Noike relaxing in the "onsen"
  25. Kyoko feels ignored, so she dumps on Noike, and jets Tenchi several dozen meters.
  26. Kyoko's avatar as a life preserver.
  27. Another shot of the central tree.
  28. A dock along the ring lake.
  29. Noike from the backside, and an impressive one, it is.
  30. A view across the landscape as Kyoko orbits the Earth, unseen.
  31. Driving the new "pickup" home.
  32. A view off the dock across the Masaki lake.
  33. Z, looking as smug and gay, as he can.
  34. Nakita, going over machinations with the Marshall.
  35. My guess, this is Misao. If so, he almost looks like a male clone of Mihoshi ^_^
  36. I think this is supposed to be Mihoshi. No matter, if you look close, this image is really disgusting.
  1. Hovering over Tenchi. Too dark for PCs, so I cranked up the luminance to show who it was.
  2. Worry shows on the faces of the chibi trio.
  3. Surrounded by his harem.
  4. Tenchi wakes.
  5. Noike in your face.
  6. So what's up here? Taking his temperature, or... something else?
  7. How is Tenchi doing?
  8. A contemplative Ayeka.
  9. We see the Masaki kitchen. Look at all the cabinetry...
  10. Sasami about to get to work.
  11. This is definitely not Kiki! Note she looks all burned out, again <grumble>.
  12. Saturday Night Live Presents: Samurai Washgirls!
  13. We finally see Ryoko's "room." More like just the mezzanine.
  14. Tenchi catches Noike in another weak moment.
  15. Kyoko joyously celebrates (self generated fireworks).
  16. Out on the dining barge.
  17. Kyoko's avatar shows off.
  18. The internal spaces of Kyoko.
  19. Having too much fun with the "blob."
  20. Ah, just the place to put the Toonami tea set... <gomen>
  21. "It's yours for a steal." Noike is sporting the "trimmed" look -- back to the old days.
  22. Somewhere down there is Z. Up there in the sky, the big one, is the Chobimaru.
  23. Grazers (what do you get when you cross the sheep with the sheep dogs?)
  24. I'm not sure, but I think this is a small GP outpost station.
  25. Definitely not looking good. (So what does happen when Mihoshi becomes unhappy?)
  26. Overlooking Earth from the bridge of the Chobimaru.

And a log of the damaging of Ryoko:

  1. More and more... Bakemono! (Damn, I'm sounding like Ayeka)
  2. A couple of ugly mugs.
  3. Kamisama! Hitting this with a broom could only make it look better.
  4. An unpleasantly vicious girl.
  5. Even worried, she should be a knockout... not this.

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