Episode 15 - "Fiancee"

First, your cast:

  1. The Seiyuu (3 cards edited into one)
  2. Tenchi (a bit stunned)
  3. Ryoko (don't call me Dumbo!)
  4. Ayeka (lookin' good with a rare smile)
  5. Sasami (as usual, out to find Tenchi)
  6. Mihoshi (sleeping beauty on the deck)
  7. Washu (composed and assured)
  8. Ryo-Ohki (on her second favorite perch)
  9. Airi (any comment I would put here would probably get me ki... <smack>)
  10. Noike (another carotene addict is born! This just looks wrong, though)
  11. Katsuhito (no help from grandpa!)
  12. Yosho (always showing he's pulled something over on Tenchi)
  13. Tennyo (Kiyone's evil twin ^_^ -- actually Tenchi's older sister)
  1. The Masaki house on a bright clear day.
  2. The woman Tenchi assumes to be his mother, in full view (with light toned down).
  3. Not a dry eye in the house (except for confused little Ryo-Ohki).
  4. Great shock ensues the complete pummeling of Noboyuki. Holy Kami!
  5. Tennyo sits and starts to explain (and boy does a lot need explaining!)
  6. An attentive trio -- Mihoshi, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki
  7. Sister? Daddy's how old?!? (What's next? I have 3 million clones? I'm a spawn of Cthulhu?)
  8. A full shot of Airi, lookin' pretty good (I know how to stay safe!)
  9. The two powerful people in the room, looking way to smug for comfort.
  10. Tenchi toilin' in the fields. (Carrots, carrots, nuthin' but carrots. If he didn't love her, he wouldn't do this!)
  11. Bust shot (literally) of Noike's first appearance on the Masaki farm.
  12. More family information is regaled to all but Tenchi.
  13. Another shot of the farm expanse... Damn! The Masaki family owns a whole lotta land!
  14. Noike talks to the grownups (^_^) while Mihoshi tells Ryo-Ohki of Noike's exploits.
  15. Dinnertime -- Ryo-Ohki eats with a fork, Ryoko eats like a pig, Aeka glowers, and Noike lords over all.
  16. Tenchi makes repair on his tools. Another location of the house we finally get to see.
  17. Airi (and Katsuhito off-screen) greet Tenchi and Tennyo at the shrine (just wait boy!).
  18. The shrine on an absolutely beautiful day. Things inside are a little less than pretty, however.
  1. Tenchi in tears
  2. Sit boy! Noboyuki trips when he sees the surprise guest
  3. Noboyuki gets the Narusegawa treatment! 1-2-3! (superwide)
  4. The bare-knuckled boxer
  5. Tennyo?
  6. Tenchi is still the beef in the cheesecake sandwich
  7. Rubbing the shorthairs... It must be something in alien culture ^_^ (see Seina)
  8. Some more interesting news
  9. "Seto!?" (the name that inspires terror, especially in the family)
  10. "Obaasama?" (let it soak in Ryoko, you won't be so cheerful)
  11. Washu plays the smartass...
  12. The arrival of Airi
  13. Washu gets the respect she deserves
  14. Hiding behind Washu (that's not gonna help, Ryoko)
  15. A crane's eye view of the house
  16. The reunited lovers
  17. A butterfly!
  18. "Excuse me, is this your cabbit-girl?"
  19. Comforting his battleship
  20. A memory flash (and enhanced)
  21. Awake again (didn't we see this happen with Mihoshi in ep. 4?)
  22. Looking joyous
  23. "You're Masaki Tenchi?!?"
  24. Is this the sequel to "The Scream"?
  25. Moldy oldies (no respect)
  26. Mihoshi's ecstasy
  1. The grand reunion
  2. As close as these two can get (this is sure gonna inspire some new fan-fics)
  3. Errrrrmmmmm (yeah, Ryoko sees it)
  4. "Chotto!"
  5. Highly amused
  6. In the kitchen
  7. Two on the deck
  8. "Remember the first time we were here?"
  9. "NEVER call me grandmother!"
  10. "Why does this keep happening to me?"
  11. Incest is best (especially among the Jurai)
  12. Girl talk
  13. A surprise kiss
  14. Sayonara Tennyo (now what could Airi be upset about?)
  15. A really surprising kiss (Airi goes deep!)

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