Episode 14 - "One Who Comes from Far Away"

  1. The spatial "ribbon" which Z uses to travel. That "dot" on the far right is him! (It's full of stars!)
  2. The alian armada which has arrived to attack Tokimi's cathedral.
  3. Absorb the energy beams, redirect, and annihilate the countless ships.
  4. Z retreats from the huge field of devastation. Nice ringworld in the background, showing the staggering scale.
  5. Z begins the voyage to the cathedral, showing more astronomically scaled artifacts.
  6. The upper section of the cathedral. Z is floating down from the top...
  7. At the bottom of the cathedral. Z is the tiny figure on the floating platform.
  8. The cathedral with a materialized D3 and Tokimi. (Pardon, but are you the Great Will of the universe?!?)
  9. Z and "guest." Visual enhancement of the Jurain woman in the background.
  10. The entrance to the cave at Demon Rock on a wet morning.
  11. A rainy day in front of the Masaki property. Azaka and Kamidake have been reduced to nothing more than fence posts.
  12. Ryoko sleeping in her favorite spot. Note the tray: she is currently on a CN diet
  13. Ryoko's view outside. Not much of an inspiration.
  14. Ryoko going to fetch Mihoshi for breakfast, after her rousing by Sasami. "MIHOSHI!"
  15. Half the family around the breakfast table. Washu likes reading the paper? Probably to laugh about human-sociology.
  16. Sasami and Ryo-Ohki finishing up breakfast.
  17. Ryoko in Mihoshi's room... wow, look at the mess! Mihoshi is that pile collapsed at the table.
  18. After Ryoko and Mihoshi leave, Z appears to change a few things.
  19. Tenchi returns to the old neighborhood, first to visit the scene of former devastation... School.
  20. Alongside the temporary classrooms. Nothing like Ryoko for urban redevelopment!
  21. Tenchi views the temporary classrooms built right next to the construction site for the new school.
  22. A couple of Tenchi's old classmates welcome him during a class break.
  23. A devastated Amagasaki standing outside the gates to the Masaki house.
  24. Tenchi returns to the property his former house occupied. It's still only an empty lot.
  25. Tenchi has a flashback to the time his father was laying out the design he had for their "future" house.
  26. Kiyone's funeral, note a few recognizable attendees. I stretched the room in this image to reveal everyone.
  27. Everyone goes in search of the missing Tenchi. Is that Airi and Kiriko-chan?
  28. Reiya and Noboyuki on the search, clearly worried.
  29. The temple stairs during the snows of winter. See it during the autumn...
  30. Noboyuki's apartment building. Almost looks like Shin-Tenchi's apartment.
  31. Noboyuki and Tenchi on the drive home.
  32. Tenchi slaving out in the carrot fields. With this much dedication, the only logical choice is...
  33. Masaki Kiyone's grave stone.
  34. Hyper-mega-SD guilt trip. "Onegaiiii Ryoko!"
  35. Lost in the deep, dark, woods. It's not Mirkwood, but based on the light, it should be about 11:00am or 1:00pm.
  36. Poor Ryo-chan lost and alone in the dark wood. Acclimatization to the assimilation isn't as easy as you'd think.
  37. "Miya?!?" I heard Ryoko's voice!
  38. The deep dark forest, about an hour or so later.
  39. Ryoko's penchant for high narrow places is demonstrated again, as she looks down upon the sorrowful Ryo-chan.
  40. Our two gold-eyed beauties. Ryoko accesses Ryo-Ohki's navigation system.
  41. Waiting for the return of Ryo-chan.
  42. Nightfall at the Masaki house.
  43. Ryoko stuns the crowd at the dinner table. C'mon Washu, I know you want to peek....
  44. Seems like someone else is beginning to get a grip on the assimilation changes. Hand feeding the young'en.
  45. Cute, the way it should be (unlike in American cartoons). Mihoshi and Ryo-Ohki working hard on their 80 winks.
  46. Ryoko, about to answer the door. Paranoia weighs heavy on her mind, however.
  47. Ayeka seems to be quite interested in the doings of Noboyuki and his obsolete technology.
  48. Sasami racing downstairs from the sunroom, due to Ryoko's tardiness.
  49. Cast list for this episode. Yup, the same crude line drawing style of Ryo-chan, that were present in the first 2 OVAs.
  1. The alien armada warping in.
  2. Just a small section of the armada.
  3. Z in front of Tokimi's "lair." Now what the frell is so awesome about a rug-beater? Seriously, now, was Nabeshin here?
  4. Firing configuration.
  5. Barrage
  6. FIVE light hawk wings
  7. Facial close-up of Z.
  8. A warm greeting to SeiKujira-sama
  9. Tokimi facial close-up.
  10. Tokimi profile.
  11. Ryoko has a bad face day.
  12. An insensate Mihoshi.
  13. Mihoshi's subspace transcriber.
  14. "No respect... I get no respect!"
  15. Unpleasant reunion. How many girls?
  16. Little Tenchi at the lot.
  17. Kiyone at the lot. She isn't really quite this pale, half of this is due to this being a "flasback/memory."
  18. The family of memory has a good laugh.
  19. Reiya consoles Katsuhito and Noboyuki.
  20. Young Reiya.
  21. Circle of warmth. Is this is due to Tenchi's latent powers, or Ryoko exerting her protection?
  22. The map... Yup, this was one of those subliminal tricks.
  23. Modern Reiya. See her in about 18 months...
  24. On the drive home.
  25. Young Tenchi at home.
  26. Reiya-chan helping around the house.
  1. Usagi! (rabbit)
  2. Neko! (cat)
  3. Where's Ryo-chan?
  4. A small portion of the fields.
  5. Noboyuki and Katsuhito at the fmaily grave.
  6. The Masaki cemetary.
  7. Ryoko at rest (before a rude disturbance)
  8. Please, Ryoko
  9. A resigned Ryoko.
  10. GLOMP!
  11. The maternal instincts kicks in.
  12. Welcome to Ryo-OS
  13. The navigational tracking system
  14. Worried about a computer unit... That's so KAWAII!
  15. Stunned
  16. Chotto! You're gettin' a bath!
  17. Return of the floating onsen
  18. Soaping up
  19. Kawaii ni!
  20. Airdance
  21. Tenchi's new computer
  22. Washu freakin'
  23. Ayeka shocked
  24. Twitch
  25. Boob tube
  26. Mother?! Note, this woman's hair is teal or blue, not gray or white!

  1. The accessory, view 1
  2. The accessory, view 2

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