GXP Custom Wallpapers

To view, just click on the size of the image
To download, right click (option-click) on the size you want and choose "Save Target As..."

  1. Galaxy Police Banner [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  2. A Happy Seina [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  3. Incongruent Trio [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  4. A Break at the Beach [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  5. A Wet Hello [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  6. Christmas Morning [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  7. Everybody Just Smile [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  8. ...and without Seina [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  9. Holiday Celebration [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  10. A Day on the Farm [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  11. Seina's the Prize! [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  12. Super-Deformed Players [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]
  13. * [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768] [1600x1024] [1600x1200]

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