Closing Credits - "Anata Ga Saitei•••"

  1. Advertising fronts with two chibi Seina's (just for variety)
  2. Amane in the heavens, removed chibi Seina for a better view
  3. Kiriko in the heavens, removed him from here, as well.
  1. Mitoto in the heavens
  2. Barouta in the heavens
  1. Unbalanced buttons
  2. Breaking the doorknob
  3. Snapping shoelaces
  4. Trashing the storefront
  5. Chibi Seina falls flat on his face
  6. Chibi Seina gets panned
  7. The bandage transition
  8. Tripping on a can
  9. Faceplant into the mud
  10. The first real background
  11. Chibi Seina falls into a hole
  12. Chibi Seina about to become dog-food
  13. The fourth real background
  14. An unusual whirlpool
  15. And the Kami said, "Let There Be Lips"
  16. Whatcha runnin' from, you coward? ^_^ (Amane and Kiriko)
  17. Seina gets tanked, before and after
  1. The Fuku transition
  2. Chibi Seina falls into a hole (a new traveling shot that is shared with the following...)
  3. Chibi Seina about to become dog-food
  4. Whatcha runnin' from? (Amane, Kiriko, Mitoto, and Barouta)
These alternate shots from the later Ending Credits, will eventually appear here.

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