Yes, they are.

     The video on the GXP videos (DVD and VHS) are not the same things you saw (assuming you did see them there) on the original broadcasts in 2002. You could probably say, they are improved. Assuming you think the changes are for the better -- however, I can say that several of them are.
     Since the series was put together on computer, instead of with cels, many of the alterations were very simple to make, adding people to crowd scenes, making equipment seem more complex, changing zoom rates and motion sweeps...

     Here are two examples from episode 5, "Darkness, Sweet Trap," that show a couple of the modifications. Many more actually occured in the episode, but you'll pardon me, if I didn't have time to capture every shot that was panned or captured at a different zoom factor.

The damaged equipment trucks just after Seina's luck causes a major system crash...
Here is what appeared on television in Japan.
On the DVD, we have a shot that is not panned as wide, and has several more people and machines in it.

The scene just after Seina's damaged sim is recovered from the data crash...
Here is the shot from TV.
The full "bum" in a single shot.
Here is the shot we get on DVD.
There is no shot that shows the whole "bum," on the DVD.

     Unfortunately, I don't think we will see much in the way of the "improvements" that were made to shows like "Maze: The Megaburst Space," where changes were made (or uncovered) that would not have been allowed for TV broadcast.
     Uhhhhh, I just got the 5th DVD, and apparently we do get to see the characters naked (but not completely). As here are just a few shots from the end of episode 17, "Seina and Tenchi."
     TV on the left, DVD on the right.




     If somebody, "without a life," wishes to compare the TV broadcast with the DVDs, and submit a list, I would gladly post it (and the comparison shots) up with the pan-shot pages. However, I will not spend the time to do this myself. I currently don't have a life, and even as such, I don't really have the time to work on the pan shots. I will not be spending any more time with these unless I get to do it as a form of employment ^_^. Enjoy...

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