Episode 26 - "Marriage Vows on the Moon"

  1. Almost deja-vu. A return to the opening street scene.
  2. Just a cloudscape.
  3. Gazing up to the heavens. Another Seina close-up.
  4. Surprise! Seto's invited the Yamada family aboard.
  5. Overlooking the farside of Luna, at Terra. What be the curious lights?
  6. Seina contemplates the political marriage, and the girl's reactions.
  7. The nightmare begins (like you couldn't figure it). Amane runs to Seiryo.
  8. It continues as Barouta Ryouko finds comfort with her great-grandfather... The throne betrayed by Seina.
  9. Then we see Neeju crying... who then...
  10. ...runs to Kiriko and hides behind her...
  11. ...and finally, Kiriko's frigid scowl, as she tells Seina to leave her.
  12. The wedding ship above farside. Note half the ship is an inverted cake, while the rest is rather gaudy. Clouds?
  13. The causeway outside the reception hall. This shot was used twice, so I only include it once.
  14. Outside the reception hall, at floor level.
  15. Seina sits alone, before the big event, not knowing what the girls think of the marriage.
  16. Too much on his mind. This ain't your ordinary wedding day jitters. ^_^
  17. Airi takes Seina to ask the girls what they think. What a dark and dreary passage this is.
  18. Kiriko in her wedding dress.
  19. Amane in her wedding dress.
  20. Barouta Ryouko in her wedding dress.
  21. Neeju in her wedding dress.
  22. It's Superman! No? Are you Roger Smith? No, it's Tarant, back from the dead and in disguise.
  23. The psychotic Tarant, on a quest to obliterate Seina.
  24. Tarant's fate is sealed by Seina. (or is it?)
  25. The reception/banquet hall, empty, for the moment, of guests.
  26. Komachi in the crowd outside the reception hall. Note the two stars who appeared in the OVA series...
  27. Seto, Utsutsumi, and Seina's family on their way to the event.
  28. The reception hall, now with a multitude of guests.
  29. Komachi seated alone, with only a glass of wine.
  30. Seiryo's gifts to Komachi.
  31. Seina finally gets into his tuxedo.
  32. We're from the Ramza Union, and we need your help!
  33. You must come with us, we insist! (Yes, eventually).
  34. Airi begins the ceremony. With the exception of 4 (or 5) brides, it seems like a western-style marriage.
  35. The parents' table. (Is the girl Neeju's successor, or predecessor? -- I couldn't figure this one out.)
  36. Masaki Tenchi's table. Here with his bevy. I was hoping to see Noboyuki and Yosho here, as well.
  37. Kiriko emerges from her portal.
  38. Amane, amidst sparkling light, walks through her portal.
  39. Barouta Ryouko as she walks through in resplendent glory.
  40. And the final two brides emerge from their portal, Neeju and Fuku. (Washu's gonna have to do something about that ^_^).
  41. A bridal profile.
  42. The groom's platform appears, brightly illuminated.
  43. The platform travels above the guests, only to reveal...
  44. Expecting Seina, the crowd is shocked.
  45. The Kamidake II about to pursue the fleeing Kaeishou and the kidnapped Seina.
  46. A facial close-up of an elated Komachi.
  47. Seiryo returns Komachi's gaze.
  48. Karen and Gyokuren about to flush NB, and his "collection" of food and porn, into space.
  49. The Kamidake II hovering near the Kaeishou. Even stripped down, the Kaeishou is not match for Fuku's speed.
  50. The girls aboard the Kaeishou provide a rather pornographic display for the wedding guests... bringing a wide variety of reactions.
  51. The captain's wives and crew, on the right. (this suffers from a fast pan)
  52. The captain's wives and crew, on the left. (this also suffers from a fast pan)

Based on the two above images, the end of "Buttobi CPU" seems like a likely outcome for this group.

  1. After being told about the combined political marriage, Seina is dragged off.
  2. Dragged off again. This time to see the girls.
  3. The fifth bride. Too kawaii.
  4. Barouta and Amane, engowned.
  5. Kiriko and Neeju, engowned.
  6. Seiryo and sakura.
  7. Just a very few of the incoming guests.
  8. Getting bandaged up after the battle.
  9. Searching for Elma.
  10. A sneeze almost blows her undercover identity.
  11. Yoshiko and Kai. What a strange pair.
  12. Profiles of the Ramza.
  13. The Ramza quartet scowl.
  14. Waiting for Seina.
  15. Where's Seina?!?
  16. He's been kidnapped!
  17. Before jettisoning.
  18. After jettisoning.
  19. NB and his hoard.
  20. Kiriko completely psychotic.
  21. Funny faces.
  22. The face of a fiend (you planned this all along, didn't you)
  23. Amane and Karen.
  24. Neeju and Hakuren.
  25. This is the really scary part.
  1. Airi trying to cheer Seina.
  2. Neeju.
  3. Barouta.
  4. Mitoto.
  5. Seiryo looking dapper.
  6. Komachi.
  7. Karen.
  8. Hakuren
  9. NaB-ko.
  1. Wow, news travels fast here.
  2. This must be the very very early edition.
  3. You have to read fast to catch the news here.
  4. This must be the real Daily Planets.

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