Episode 21 - "Introduction, Development, and Conclusion"

I apologize for the long delay in getting this episode's images out, but my new job has a 4-hour transit time, so my free time is now limited to what I can do sitting on a bus, and photoshopping pictures ain't one of them. >_< However, if someone wants to donate a laptop... ^_^

  1. The Kamidake II in Jurain "drydock"
  2. Mizuki's Jurain core module
  3. Another, super-close, eyefull of Seto
  4. Kiriko's connection to her tree-bond, Mizuki
  5. Welcome to the new Jurain noble.
  6. Neeju along the forest path.
  7. Those who are newly bonded. Mizumi-chan and Kiriko-san.
  8. Hail and well met, Mizuki-chan
  9. Mizuki-chan talking in a prismatic spray of lights.
  10. Yo! The salad bar is open! Yet, more foliage.
  11. One core unit with interiors as big as all outdoors...
  12. ...and One stream, stocked with, one fish
  13. A small waterfall. You know, Jurain multidimensional tech must be responsible for the missing mass...
  14. She's not only your friends big sister, but a cop, and now a noble. Ponder that, Seina. Another close-up.
  15. The big wood. Well at least one of countless thousands.
  16. Kiriko and Seina in a near-private moment with Mizuki-chan.
  17. Below the stern of the Kamidake II. The design is even more obviously unusual from this angle.
  18. Kiriko in her Jurain noble regalia. Her affect on nearspace is almost as bad as the girlfriend in Ebichu.
  19. Let's get a closer look at that gal! Yup, stepping up to nobility definitely affects how the camera sees you.
  20. Kiriko returns to the group, once again dressed in the comfortable GP uniform.
  21. Another shot of those stern and calculating eyes.
  22. Overhead view of the biggest eyesore in the galaxy. Those on the planet below, don't have much of a view, either.
  23. Definition: "Overkill." They're all firing at the Kamidake II/Fuku/Mizuki.*
  24. The Da Ruma guild leader listens to a report while in his "garden."
  25. The Unko and company. Whatever happened to wide empty spaces in the great void. It's crowded out here!
  26. The Unko, just before dumping extra lucky items, in order to return to the Da Ruma secret base.
  27. Seiryo, experiencing a massive low, after such a prosperous period.
  28. A cliff face in the core unit, waterfall and wooden arch, included.
  29. Enjoying a good soak. Insert your own buoyancy jokes here.
  30. The all-female temporary crew relaxes in a bath, located in Kuzumi's core unit. Whoever supplies those towels, must be rich!
  31. Seina and the captured guild leader together.
  32. Seina apologizes, while much fanservice is missed.
  1. The job's not over... until the paperwork is done.
  2. Seto... Presents!
  3. Royal Kiriko
  4. Seriously
  5. Tree nursery for Mizuki
  6. "I can talk to the foliage"
  7. Kiriko tending
  8. A;ready good friends
  9. Once again, just too cute
  10. In anticipation
  11. I'm a bad girl?
  12. A sorrowful look
  13. The new bow of the Kamidake II, with internalized tree unit
  14. Horrific reception
  15. Bribe!
  16. Say "Chiis"
  17. A cloud of ships
  18. "I'll get you my pretty!"
  19. Already able to generate 3 light hawk wings
  20. Seiryo's new lacky, "Fat Hitler"
  21. A mother's smile
  22. Light hawk wing transformation
  23. Steven Spielberg presents, "Jaws!" Seto earns the title Onihime!
  24. Fun in the bath
  25. Polar opposites
  26. Why does it smell like wet dog in here? <gomen>

* Anime rule #47 -- absurdly large fleets of warships exist only to be destroyed spectacularly.

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