Episode 20 - "The Ship That Brings Luck"

I apologize for the long delay in getting this episode's images out, but my new job has a 4-hour transit time, so my free time is now limited to what I can do sitting on a bus, and photoshopping pictures ain't one of them. >_< However, if someone wants to donate a laptop... ^_^

  1. In the aftermath of much victory. The pirate crews live it up with continuously paying slots (the pirates must not own these)
  2. Shoveling coinage. Gotta clean up all the payoff from the slots (somebody is really losing their shirts)
  3. The Guild Leader's transport, fully loaded, temporarily leaves the "casino."
  4. Seiryo and the Guild Leader arrive at their luck ship.
  5. It's time to officially name the ship. What would you like...? Those are already taken. NO! Not htat!?!
  6. Seto takes in the view across the bay from Airi's place.
  7. The perv-bot strikes again, listening in to conversations, but providing his own dialogue for his audience.
  8. A corridor in the pirate's Luck Ship.
  9. Seto on the bridge of the Kamidake II, watching the supreme Luck Ship on the monitor.
  10. Even from the front, the Luck Ship looks ghastly. I guess if it works...
  11. On the bridge of the Luck Ship, an argument about announcing the name of the ship ensues.
  12. Ah, SHIT!, it's the UNKO! (and a very bad pun). The reaction of Kamidake II's crew to this horrid name.
  13. Seto about to let loose. <I'm scared, can I be anyplace else, right now?> ^_^
  14. After the Mikagami shields tne Kamidake II, tte crew and Seto watch the pirate fleet fires upon them in futility.
  15. The joining of Fuku and Mikagami spell disaster for the pirate fleet as Light Hawk Wings unfurl, and light flares.
  16. The light of Fuku's attack severely damages many of the ships of the Unko Fleet.
  17. Neeju holds and comforts a terribly streessed and exhausted Fuku... she kind-of overdid the assault.
  18. Washu must be exporting Japanese TV game-shows... Anybody for some "Takeshi's Castle?"
  19. Here's another "Takeshi" moment. These trials are meant to select the luckiest pirates, to assemble the best single crew.
  20. Why is this guy having so much fun? He keeps getting reamed in the competitions...
  21. Ahhh! This is the life! Seiryo and the Pirate Guild Leader kick back at the beach. The girls seem put out...
  22. Seto's subordinates (introduced in episode 13) "welcome" Seina back... (the rest "fall to the mat")
  23. However, Seina should have known this was coming... Dragged away screaming, if not kicking.
  24. An exhausted Seina heads for bed. Four-on-One is pretty exhausting (I ain't kidding here, his face was covered in lipstick).
  25. Kiriko all decked out for a tree-bonding ceremony (Seto's playing more political games... and it looks good!)
  26. Kiriko and Seto in front of the Great Doors to the Tree nursery.
  27. Neeju, Fuku, Amane and Barouta at the start of their forced trek, back to the residential areea.
  28. Trying to hide from the "Freaky Four"
  29. Suiren presents the second of four "dating sims." I'm game, but Seina definitely isn't.
  30. The girls have to mountain-climb in the snow to get back. When your portals are taken away, pan-dimensional travels sucks!
  31. Neeju (her age showing), Fuku, and Barouta-san go ice-climbing... against their will. A pain to composite -- everything moved!
  32. Seina thinks he's got a nice, quiet, solitary, walk. "Palace" means something completely different on Jurai.
  33. Seina contemplates the foolishness of his situation, while the trap is set.
  34. "I once knew a girl from Nantuket..." DAMN! Lucky or unlucky, Seina's really got a problem here.
  35. It's the palace bath... Guess what's waiting for Seina?
  36. Yup, that's the desired reaction. To support that weight Seina's been pumping.... uh.... nevermind.
  37. Notably, the only luxury the girls couldn't live without is easily found in the inhospitable back-dimensions of the palace.
  38. When it's time to relax... that's when the giant bugs come out... (upper left corner). Damn you, Jinnai!
  39. Seina's room. You'd think he'd be able to finally get some needed rest... something's waiting under the covers.
  40. Surprise! When you can't do just one. A threesome has never been so easy (or so quickly turned down).
  41. Well, it does figure, if you've got giant-space-trees, you gotta have giant-space-bugs! Who called the Bugrom?
  42. "What d'ya mean? I only have to run faster than you!"
  43. The most horrifying scene in the entire series. Seriously, the is very disturbing. You have been warned.
  44. DaRuma Guild Headquarters, this time from below, where we can see the entire necklace of planets. Talk about hubris...
  45. To supply scale, the back of the litter is about 24 feet off the top of the pile. This ain't portable wealth.
  46. We lost something valuable, errr, what was it? Oh, a night's sleep. Did Seina put up a fight all night, or is this just from staying up?
  47. Not in the mood for any more games. If looks could cause painful suffering.
  48. Kiriko is revealed in her Jurai Royal garb. Hey, Seina! She's a princess now! And she's got a giant woody (errr, space-tree).
  49. The local audience is surprised and awed (as they should be).
  50. Awwwww. Actually the distance between the two is over 100 feet, but I thought this needed to be up-close and personal...
  51. BOOTY CALL!! Wouldn't it be easier to store these in multi-dimensional spaces, then to tow them?
  1. How romantic. Barry offers up a rose.
  2. See? No relation. Kiriko's ID card.
  3. Spies 'R' Us.
  4. From worry... to sick disbelief (two frames)
  5. Deployment of the Luck Fleet.
  6. Protected by the Mikagami
  7. Holy Unko! Caught by Surprise.
  8. Fuku's fury...
  9. and it's after-effects.
  10. Kampai!
  11. Inside the Mikagami.
  12. It's the "Seto Scouts." A prelude to ambush.
  13. We have you now!
  14. The horrifying NaB-Ko
  15. This ain't called luck.
  16. Princess Kiriko
  17. The tree room on the Mikagami
  18. Azusa and Utsutsumi
  19. Such a sweet act
  20. Guess who's been soaking in my bath...
  21. Guess who's been sleeping in my bed...
  22. Guess who's creeping into my room...
  23. Guess who's been swimming in my tub...
  24. Fuku gets real pissed
  25. ... And they were all too hot! All together now!
  26. Nightscape in Mikagami
  1. Pirate Pals
  2. Welcome to Takeshi's Castle
  3. Sushi's Revenge
  4. Mud Pie Massacre
  5. Loser!

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