Episode 19 - "Show"

I apologize for the long delay in getting this episode's images out, but my new job has a 4-hour transit time, so my free time is now limited to what I can do sitting on a bus, and photoshopping pictures ain't one of them. >_< However, if someone wants to donate a laptop... ^_^

  1. The Luck Ship in transit. Ugly, gaudy, and a feng shui nightmare. Luck, yes... chi, no.
  2. The Kamidake II in "wetdock." I think the liquid is some form of nano-repair bath, but that's just a guess.
  3. Amane exercising on another Washu-retro import. Note the ends of her legs (or lack thereof, of feet).
  4. Amane's mother breaches the subject of a fashion show, to Amane's co-workers.
  5. For a short time Amane adamantly refuses to participate in a GP/Kaunaq fashion show.
  6. The station that is to host the fashion show.
  7. A closer view of the station, showing the transit entrance.
  8. Once again, Amane's parents... her effeminent father and eternally smiling mother.
  9. An exterior hallway on the "auditorium station."
  10. Neeju keeps Fuku company during recovery. Almost too kawaii.
  11. As close to "backstage" as you can get with all the dimensional manipulation involved.
  12. Amane bumps into her old friend, Jun. She's definitely cute.
  13. The models are brought together for a briefing.
  14. Caught you!
  15. Amane prepares as Seina watches.
  16. Looking through the flowers as Amane gets made up.
  17. A rehearsal to check out the auditorium (or is that areana...). Seina, the lone viewer.
  18. It's the triple-breasted whore of... (oops, wrong series). That's Amane's rival, Vega, actually.
  19. Mikami surprises the young talent. A reminder...
  20. An outer hallway, just before the big event.
  21. The auditorium is packed to capacity. Wow, it's sold-out!
  22. The crowds along the upper tiers...
  23. Amane waiting for her turn on the catwalks
  24. Vega in all her glory. Too bad it seems to all be skin deep...
  25. Amane presents herself on the catwalk.
  26. A showy presentation of a light sword. Looks pretty awesome.
  27. Another shot backstage. We see several more models getting into their outfits.
  28. The crowd is a little overcome with their expectations...
  29. Amane's new outfit, functional, not showy...
  30. Yup, definitely not what the crowd was expecting... a letdown for most (4th from the left seems familiar...)
  31. Amane presents herself in front of the audience
  32. Intent and intense... about to start the simulation
  33. The crowd is blown away by Amane's stunning performance
  34. "You make mother so proud." Dad just looks stunned.
  35. As the simulation enters it's second stage, Amane breaks out the big gun!
  36. "The crowd goes wild" over the second half of Amane's display
  37. Amane's mother looks over to her husband, hoping for a specific reaction.
  38. Our tech crew is pleased with Amane's display
  39. Vega prepares herself to duplicate Amane's performance
  40. Amane's parents leave the auditorium
  1. Playing Navigation-Bingo for luck (and it works, too!).
  2. Bingo fanservice... Nice, round... E36. (Since when is "E" in bingo?)
  3. Fuku/Kamidake II takes a nasty hit... That's gotta hurt ^_^
  4. A necklace of planets
  5. The guild celebrates it's first victory against Seina's luck
  6. Seiryo gets into the mood
  7. The party crowd
  8. Alan, Barry, and Cohen, live it up
  9. Giving a damaged Kamidake II, the once over
  10. An annoyed little Fuku
  11. Five on a bench.
  12. It's agent Amane.
  13. Hey! Mother's eyes are open! ^_^
  14. Two of a kind... Was this intentional?
  15. Paradise on a platter... for the carotene addict.
  16. A hall outside the auditorium.
  17. A major dose of furious jealousy
  18. The stage control floater
  19. Inside, we have our stage crew
  20. Jun shows off the visual aspects of one outfit... Wow!
  21. Seina's distress... (the cause, the reaction)
  22. Egad, Amane!
  23. Watching Amane do her thing
  24. Voyeurism interruptus!
  25. Daddy's so sensitive
  26. Go ahead, kiss him Amane!

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