Episode 18 - "Those Who Seize Good Fortune"

I apologize for the long delay in getting this episode's images out, but my new job has a 4-hour transit time, so my free time is now limited to what I can do sitting on a bus, and photoshopping picture's ain't one of them. >_< However, if someone wants to donate a laptop... ^_^

  1. Seto's armada approaches the pirate fleet.
  2. The GP transport ship, surrounded by the "luck" fleet.
  3. The pirate fleet hits subspace to escape Seto.
  4. The Mikagami and other ships of Seto's armada.
  5. Seto's reaction to the luck fleet, and their successful escape
  6. Here we have all of Kamidake II's crew.
  7. Acloser and forward view of one of the luck fleet ships
  8. Seina's crew is briefed by Minaho on the situation
  9. Neeju turns on the charm (she's a pro at this)
  10. Another super-close facial shot of Seina
  11. The Da-Ruma Pirate Guild base of operations. (still not sure if those are real planets)
  12. The leader of the Da-Ruma Pirate Guild. (It's good to be the, uh..., errr....)
  13. Komachi in a pirate ship corridor.
  14. Seiryo breaks the comm-pad that was supplied to him (and it still works)
  15. The remnants of the luck fleet, after Seina, his luck, and girls, are through with them.
  16. A happy little, leaping, Fuku.
  17. A dark figure approaches Komachi and Seiryo in the corridor
  18. A facial super-close up of Tarant, where we can see one of his cybernetic replacements
  19. Tarant, just a little too serious and deadpan
  20. A confrontation in the corridor
  21. For all the Seiryo fan-girls (and boys?), here's a delicious facial shot!
  22. One down, three to go. Seiryo on a mission.
  23. The arena. Provided for combats of luck. Seiryo against Alan, Barry, and Cohen, this round.
  24. Seiryo in contemplation. He certainly get's to eat in style after his janken combat with the trio.
  25. Three sunbathing beauties on vacation. (I'll take the one on the right).
  26. Abominable, the Pin-head. By the luck meter, this ain't gonna be pretty...
  27. The mermaid princess... I wanna get wet! (The background was impossible to composite, so I re-created it.)
  28. A close-up of Barouta's face as she's swimming.
  29. Barouta joyously leaps into the sky. Too bad she face-plants on the beach, right after this.
  30. Kiriko and Seina during their vacation.
  31. One massively lucky item, found. This was in Komachi's dwelling the whole time?
  32. We get a good look at the Mightiest Ship of Good Luck.
  33. The Pirate Guild Leader, quite pleased with his new ship
  34. A fleet of ships that witness the unveiling...
  35. Another large shot of the Mightiest Ship of Good Luck
  36. An exhalted Seiryo (super close view)
  1. The bridge of the pirate ship.
  2. A close-up on the Captain of this particular ship.
  3. Seina freaks, to Neeju's amusement.
  4. Some hilarious exhasperation.
  5. The Pirate Guild Leader with his own form of fan-service.
  6. Seiryo's cell aboard the pirate ship.
  7. It's dad on the comm-pad.
  8. PROFIT!
  9. Fuku does for the audience... (those claws are sharp!)
  10. Smiles abound.
  11. The Guild Leader's box.
  12. One of the entry gates at the arena.
  13. The contest, who is luckiest, Seiryo or Alan, Barry, and Cohen?
  14. Note the script. It IS the script for this episode. See the cover art?
  15. Welcome to the Gong Show!
  16. We are not amused...
  17. The benefits of success
  18. After the party
  19. A winning lottery ticket
  20. Awww... Two kawaii!
  21. This isn't as joyous as it should be
  22. All of Amane (well, most of the upper bits)
  23. Seina's about to blow...
  24. Too much attention
  25. Ningyo-Hime. Mer-Barouta. I want!
  26. The Mightiest Ship of Good Luck is unveiled
  1. The meter engaged! LUCK!
  2. This pile has no noticeable amount of luck
  3. Caught in a blizzard
  4. This isn't getting lucky?!? Jeez, Seiryo must always get the girls!
  5. His host and her children try to stop him (is there a relation there, or was this longer than it seemed?)
  6. An impromptu barfight
  7. The natives are getting hungry
  8. In the Cold West
  9. Jail time
  10. Seiryo Jones - "Raiders of the Lost Luck"
  11. Seiryo gets crabs... giant sand crabs
  12. Sucked by a black hole
  13. Finally hit the jack-pot

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