Episode 17 - "Seina and Tenchi"

  1. A camouflaged satellite orbits the Earth. What an interesting peel-away view.
  2. Sunday morning crash space at Otakon. The girls get some sleep at the Yamada's. Amane... New Clothes!!
  3. Seina sleeping with Fuku. An accident waiting to happen. Fuku -- "I want your ball please."
  4. NB outside and staked. Just where he should always be.
  5. The road that runs behind the Masaki property.
  6. A view of the Masaki household from the road above.
  7. Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki look down on Seina and Fuku.
  8. Not a good morning for the girls.
  9. Catching up on old times in the carrot patch.
  10. Treasure trove.
  11. Are you talking about me? Washu shocks Seina.
  12. Washu nearly gives Seina a heart attack. Uhhh, Washu, I'm all yours, just keep smiling at me that way. [HQ].
  13. Preparing to open the new Yamada grocery store (stunning, ain't it?). Note the huge, but empty, parking lot.
  14. More of the Masaki farmland.
  15. Tenchi, Seina, Washu, and the two cuties, in a curved pan-shot.
  16. Welcome home, we have a guest... Seina-kun.
  17. The crowd starts to form at the store. Now look at the parking lot.
  18. And here is a close-up of the crowd. Note the average age and gender balance...
  19. Loaded up and ready to go.
  20. Shooting the breeze and loading the pickup.
  21. Swimming with Funaho.
  22. You call this crowd control? I call it a mob. (Anyone want to translate the sign?)
  23. Kiriko deluged... the heat is on!
  24. Barouta-san, trapped and surrounded.
  25. Amane is assaulted by the horde.
  26. Tenchi points out Ryoko's new and improved, extra-wide... (well, not really)
  27. Sour face under demon rock. Ryoko, once again being un-cute...
  28. The store, just a little later. Now see the packed parking lot, and the gender and age of the huge crowd.
  29. The perv-bot (NB) is in the doghouse... quite literally.
  30. The very top of the shrine stairs. And it's a lot higher than you would expect... see the image after next.
  31. After a hard day's work at the grocery...
  32. "The shrine, yes. It's just up the stairs." So this is how Tenchi really gets his training.
  33. A new angle on the onsen entrance. Since you can see the lake from the road, it's either cloaked or "otherwhere."
  34. Heaven be the Floating Onsen. "Washu? Can I have one of these, to go?" Try "Auto Levels" with this one.
  35. While Seina and Tenchi are soaking in an upper tier, Ryoko enjoys her favorite part of the onsen. [HQ].
  36. A plate of the super-special "nabe ala Tenchi".
  37. The boys take a relaxing soak. 'Guess Ryoko relaxes her restrictions when it comes to Seina-kun.
  38. Nobo, you lucky dog! Now does his grin, her smile and the lower part of the image hint at something? Victory or 2?
  39. Ryo-Ohki and Fuku playing on the couch (somehow at second look, this seems a bit ecchi).
  40. Ryo-Ohki and Fuku wait for dinner to be served (it is implied that Ryo can use chopsticks, now).
  41. Tenchi checking on his specialty. He apparently needs to do this in a quiet atmosphere.
  42. The girls at the bath house.
  43. A despondant Mihoshi.
  44. Duty calls, to the disappointment of the Masaki household. Sorry Seina.
  45. My dinner... The girls have to drag him away.
  46. The bridge of the Kamidake II. Note the perv-bot (NB) is still in the dog-house.
  47. And now we get a view of the inside of the doghouse (again).
  1. A more mature Tenchi
  2. Airi in a flashback
  3. Noike in a flashback
  4. Ryoko in a flashback
  5. Aeka in a flashback
  6. Hakubi Washu-chan desu! Ack! You are standing too close.
  7. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge! Know what I mean? Say no more!
  8. Giving Fuku a checkup
  9. Giving mama a hug
  10. Enter Sasami with a basket of goodies
  11. Noike arrives. Definitely the most mature of Tenchi's "girls."
  12. Not one of Ryoko's finer moments.
  13. Siege at Demon Rock. Note Tenchi's pose and Seina's expression. Breakdown in 5, 4, 3...
  14. Katsuhito/Yosho does his part to rush Seina's nervous breakdown.
  15. Mihoshi's parking attempt puts a wet blanket on dinner.
  16. Dinner is served... Again! What is so special about Tenchi's nabe?
  17. [DVD ecchi version] Kiriko cleaning her hair
  18. [DVD ecchi version] Neeju in the bath
  19. [DVD ecchi version] Amane and Barouta-san in the bath
  20. [DVD ecchi version] A mean look from Kiriko

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