Episode 16 - "Homecoming"

  1. Amane's "Snow White" outfit. I find this much more appealing than her "tattered" look.
  2. And Barouta-san's full outfit. Yumm...
  3. Mining with Seiryo. Hard labor, don't ya just dig it?
  4. Scanning the rescued boy.
  5. The Kamidake II's med-bay.
  6. Waking to strange faces. From blurred to crisp vision. Is something on my face?
  7. Finding safety at Kiriko's breast.
  8. Watching Kiriko from a bridge monitor.
  9. Pleasant dreams. In bed and getting a deserved rest.
  10. Kiriko occupies the bridge, all alone, occupied with routine duties.
  11. The incredibly dark bridge of the Daidalos. Tarant and one of his officers.
  12. Tarant displays his newly developed obsession, and his insanity.
  13. The Kamidake II. A ship that stands out amid all the others (especially all those pirates!).
  14. A close view of Kamidake II's exterior, as she is overshadowed.
  15. Tarant brings a full security squad to deal with his new captives.
  16. The prisoners and their kidnapper. Tarant should be shot just for his color schemes (or stabbed again).
  17. The crew of the Kamidake II watch their handywork unfold.
  18. Pirate headquarters. Are those real planet(oid)s, or just illusion? It boggles, either way.
  19. The pirate leader receives word of Tarant's failure. It's good to be the king!
  20. Seina's friends welcome him back home... from what appears to be a "safe distance."
  21. Kiriko whispers to Seina...
  22. Welcome home son. Actually this looks more like a "meet the parents" occasion ^_^
  23. Seina and Fuku. Are you just gonna stand there?
  24. Neeju's presence causes bewilderment at the table. "It was number 3, he blew up my fleet!"
  25. A super-close-up of Neeju's bright lavendar eyes.
  26. A typical "devil princess" moment. Also known as a "pawn vs. player" explosion. (I shortened this to about 25%)
  27. Another wonderful Japanese repast at the shin-Yamada house.
  28. The joy of beaning NB with a baseball. (Let's all do that again, everybody!!!)
  29. The cute, energetic, little trooper.
  30. The Yamada Seina photo album. Advertisement for health service agencies. Ouch!
  31. A very young Kiriko and Seina. Seina, you really are a lucky dog!
  32. The beaming face of Neeju. A face and body that does not reveal the true years that lie beneath.
  33. The blushes after the review of the photo album.
  34. It's a sleepover! Why is Seina in another room, while Kai gets to sleep with the girls?
  35. A view to a promising future...?
  36. Seina looks to the sky with great optimism.
  37. Finally, where the abomination should be, chained and left in the back yard.
  1. The bridge of the Kamidake II
  2. Petting Fuku. Don't you wish your computer/navigation system was this cute and cuddly?
  3. Gratuitous cleavage shot (it just had to be done, as it seems to be a major point of this sequence)
  4. Seiryo on the Pirate Prison Planet (sounds like a bad movie, don't it?)
  5. A jolly couple of pirate guards... Hey, I thought this behavior was reserved for the prisoners...
  6. A very beautiful Barouta-san in all her finery.
  7. Outside the Earth orbiting satellite.
  8. Inside the Earth orbiting satellite
  9. Well, hey! Let the banter begin.
  10. The Kamidake II is swallowed whole.
  11. Tarant tries to give Seina open heart surgery.
  12. Cheers go up, to the chagrin of some...
  13. The people of Seina's hometown are stunned by...
  14. The presence of the super-finery of Amane and Barouta-hime, all to the...
  15. Apparent shame or embarrasment of Seina and Kiriko (well, they do live there...)
  16. Kai finds out the hard way, that Seina's luck is just the same as always.
  17. At the front door of the new Yamada place
  18. Amane and Barouta-hime greet their new hopeful parents to be
  19. Surprise, it's Neeju!
  20. Seto enjoys the bemefits of power and royalty
  21. Liquorin' up dad
  22. Fuku, happy and enjoying herself
  23. Barouta-hime charming
  24. Fuku playing "Hop-on-Pop"
  25. Amane blushing
  26. The two, flushed and fierce, after seeing the photo of Kiriko and Seina.
  1. The play's the thing...
  2. Let's pull out to view the entire scene...
  3. Wow, it's shades of Galaxy Express 999...
  4. Cut, bring up the lights, and the studio is revealed. A Galaxy Police promotional film

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