Episode 15 - "Fuku-chan, Runaway" (aka the Fuku Showcase)

  1. Neeju's ship about ready to depart.
  2. The gang bid's farewell to Neeju, as she leaves.
  3. Discussing the recent battle over tea.
  4. The Kamidake II, parked in the docking chamber.
  5. Discussing the problems with Fuku and battle capability.
  6. Just a few of the navigation acurracy test rings. Fuku get's to play thread the needle with these.
  7. A tall shot clearly showing the vastness of the Kamidake II's bridge. That ceiling would make me dizzy.
  8. Fuku wanders the bridge while the rest of the crew sets up an override interface.
  9. The Kamidake II in the asteroid testing field.
  10. Some tension during an assault test.
  11. The latest barrage of tests go well, so we have smiles all around.
  12. Seina enters the bridge, to find the haunted Fuku sitting at a console.
  13. Washu in the nursery with the pre-hatched Fuku. Ryo-Ohki enters.
  14. Uhh, we're sorry for losing our spaceship...
  15. Time to take 'em down a peg, but gently.
  16. And now the guilt begins to settle in...
  17. Alan, Barry and Cohen, bored and hungry. Being a prisoner is so tedious.
  18. Airi and Mikami after the meeting.
  19. Stripped down to as little as possible to minimize range limits on the teleporter.
  20. Once again NB receives justice. Kick a little harder next time, and he'll land in F Prefecture.
  21. On board the Chobimaru
  22. You made Fuku cry? WE WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU!
  23. The chaos is over, and in apology Kiriko comforts Fuku.
  24. Good news! We're going on vacation!
  1. Neeju at the window of her ship as she leaves the academy.
  2. Kiriko at her station on the Kamidake II.
  3. Amane at her station. Wow, look at all the pirates! Ain't ya used to this, yet?
  4. Barouta at her station, dealing with tacticals.
  5. Seina dries off Fuku, after giving her a bath. "...and loving it."
  6. The Kamidake II under attack with shields up.
  7. Seina putting Fuku to bed. This room gives sparse a whole new meaning... Note the towel...
  8. Seina working at his station during a lapse in pirate attacks.
  9. The corridor outside of Fuku's bedroom.
  10. Some major space and gravity manipulation on display inside the Kamidake II. The bridge is beyond that wall.
  11. Fuku dreams of mother-Washu. Washu, may I be a father to one of your children?
  12. And it's big-sister, Ryo-Ohki! Competition on the kawaii front.
  13. I'm making you a little sister...
  14. Fuku's nursery. Where is this? It's definitely darker than most lab space we've seen, so far.
  15. Once again, Airi is annoyed. Sneer. This time is the missing Kamidake II, Seina, and Fuku...
  16. Airi in a much more pleasant mood (well, more pleasant to those around her ^_^ )
  17. Fuku goin' home to Earth.
  18. The pirate girl who provides food and fanservice to the captured trio.
  19. Panty perverts. One view and these fools become Happosai-wannabes. Uh, Cohen, stop drooling on my back.
  20. While Seina attempts to fight off pirates, Fuku cowers.
  21. Airi and Mikami take a little break to play a game. Screw solitaire and mine-sweeper!
  22. Seto once again gets to stir the waters, as she is contacted for help.
  23. Our valiant trio on board the Chobimaru, consulting with Mashis Kuramitsu.
  24. A facial-shot of Mashis Kuramitsu, clearly showing off her smile.
  25. This is the Chobimaru, a vessel resembling a cross between a golf ball and the Death Star.
  26. Surprise! It's Ryo-Ohki rushing to provide assistance.
  1. Sad little Fuku, missing a friend?
  2. I think I'm gonna cry
  3. Definitely not having a good day
  4. A terrified little Fuku
  5. Screaming Fuku
  6. Top-gun Fuku
  7. Worried Fuku
  8. A Fuku depressed over dinner
  9. Asleep and dreaming (awwwww...)
  10. Trying to sleep on the bridge
  11. Exhausted Fuku
  12. Pleasant dreams
  13. Fierce Fuku

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