Episode 14 - "A Strong Little Enemy Appears"

  1. The Kamidake II leaves planetary orbit.
  2. The bridge, featuring the "incubator" at it's center.
  3. Amane monitoring her station. Looks like she doesn't have much to do at the moment.
  4. Neeju on the bridge.
  5. Neeju gets a very close facial shot.
  6. A facial close-up of a worried Seina.
  7. Neeju's quarters aboard the Kamidake II. Note the Nabeshin doll, all we need now is a guest shot from Excel Saga.
  8. A very cartoonish view of NB getting his just desserts, once again.
  9. A spacescape that the Kamidake II will later pass through.
  10. The pirate fleet, trying to take down the Kamidake II.
  11. Damn cute and chipper for a new-born. Washu, I want one too...
  12. The crew is rocked by impacts of the pirate attack. Amazing considering all the extra-dimensional components of the ship.
  13. The Kamidake II, passing through an asteroid field.
  14. After calming her down, Neeju presents the newborn.
  15. The crew looks proudly on at their new addition.
  16. Yet another Seina facial-super-close-up.
  17. Neeju and Fuku sleeping with Seina in his bedchamber.
  18. Seina in his normal state of mind around the girls.
  19. The girls watch Neeju on multiple monitors from the bridge. Givin' anger free reign.
  20. Barouta and Amane showing off their "wares." Wow, too bad it was only in front of Kiriko.
  21. The priestess of Melmas in her full glory. Those eyes really seem to...
  22. Amane, Kiriko, and Barouta-san confront Seina and Neeju on the beach. Amane and Barouta being quite forward and brash.
  23. Kiriko confronts Seina. Definitely comtemplative and shy in her approach.
  24. Neeju crouches, worried, over an unconscious and severely anemic Seina.
  25. NB revels in his removal of the girls swimsuit tops. Yup, he's looking a lot like Happosai.
  26. A smug facial close-up of Neeju.
  27. The primary three members of Seina's "harem" confront Neeju on her behavior and plans.
  28. A view from behind <cough> as Neeju freezes Amane, Barouta, and Kiriko.
  29. Full frontal shot of Neeju as she holds the three girls in place.
  30. A mischievous look from Neeju, as she stares down the other girls
  31. The Kamidake II running from a massive pirate horde.
  32. Kamidake II, attacked by pirates escorting the transport ship. The widest pan so far in the series (and I shortened it...).
  33. Alan shows what he is made of, when he confronts the pirates regarding their hostage plans.
  34. Naoko and Alan face-off. (They are really a great deal farther apart, but apparently the same layout was used for both shots).
  35. Neeju comforting little Fuku. There, there...
  36. Neeju pets a happy Fuku. (Didn't we see this exact shot with Ryo-Ohki and Ryoko, only with more cleavage?)
  37. Seto greets the crew of the Kamidake II, as they arrive.
  38. A serious stare from Seto.
  39. Neeju's ship in the Academy's dock.
  40. The Kamidake Five at Neeju's farewell.
  41. Neeju accompanied by royal pages (or is that guard, guardian, or handmaiden?).
  42. A glancing look from Neeju, real close-up.
  43. Half-body profile of Seto.
  44. A serious and intent Seto.
  45. Amane and Kiriko at the meeting with Seto.
  46. A facial close-up as Neeju salutes everyone.
  47. Neeju bids everyone farewell, for now.
  1. The Kamidake II's concerned crew.
  2. Attack of the insult arrows! Oba-san?!? "You callin' me an old lady?"
  3. The grappling arms of a pirate ship, fully extended.
  4. The crew assembled during capture by pirates.
  5. Alan, Barry and Cohen are frustrated by the situation.
  6. Neeju continues to tease Seina's "harem." Amane prepares to give her a (tongue) lashing.
  7. As the Neeju assault continues, Kiriko demonstrates her relationship to Medusa.
  8. Using foodstuffs to peep into Neeju's bedchamber.
  9. The egg about to hatch.
  10. "What me worry?" Seina streesed by pirates and the unexpected hatching of the egg.
  11. A new cabbit is born.
  12. Wha? Shortly after Neeju comforts the newborn navigator.
  13. Feeding time. Neeju continues to play her "little sister" role.
  14. Bath time. Another wonderful fixture of the Kamidake II.
  15. Amane was much cuter when she was nine ("Amane, 9-years-old") Kawaii!
  16. Bed time. Neeju gets a little too close to big brother.
  17. Beach time. Neeju takes Seina to the Kamidake II's beach.
  18. Neeju and Fuku enjoying themselves on the beach.
  19. Stripped down. Amane and Barouta try to prove their better assets. (errr...)
  20. Fanservice time. NB steals the girls swimsuit tops.
  21. It's casual day! Very casual...
  22. A clueless Fuku. Weird people and pirate attacks, and it's only my first birthday!
  23. The GP transport ship, captured and tractored.
  24. The captain of the GP transport and Naoko, surprised at Alan's attitude, in the face of their captors.
  25. Amane just a little upset (yes, this is a little, more usually involves collateral damage).
  26. The Oni twins. Is this Urusei Yatsura?

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