Episode 13 - "On Jurai"

  1. A severely damaged Kamidake is given escort.
  2. Seina delivers the cargo.
  3. Alan, Barry, and Cohen are enraptured by the distractions.
  4. NB is a little slow on the uptake as the bridge crew follow the fanservice.
  5. It's the end of the road for our intrepid trio...
  6. And now... behind door number one... presenting...
  7. Hanging on, with ecchi anticipation.
  8. It's your new assignment! (Does the purple outfit mean he has the same rank as Elma?)
  9. Part of Seto's banquet table.
  10. The banquet hall. Everyone believes they are a safe distance from Oni-hime...
  11. Seto plays matchmaker with Amane. Ryouko is happy until she sees the geek chosen for her.
  12. A little conversation with the meal.
  13. A little conflict with the meal. Wow, Barouta-san is cute when she's angry.
  14. Wave goodbye to Kiriko. Four more girls, show Seina's luck is still working (badly).
  15. And now, down to business.
  16. The very important cargo you transported...
  17. Was this tiny little seed...
  18. The seed of a Jurain spaceship tree...
  19. A very rare and powerful spaceship tree.
  20. Barouta arrives in a new outfit. Uhh, err, umm... jaw drop, brain lock. Wow.
  21. Not the reaction I would have expeccted from the audience.
  22. 3 seconds after Ryouko's great-grandfather suggests the marriage of Seina and Ryouko.
  23. Either Amane and Kiriko are good with versimilitude projections, or great-grandpappy was really present... ouch.
  24. Airi hard at work. I think the big ones on the end are Mihoshi's reports from last week.
  25. The wreck of the Kamidake.
  26. An overhead view of the extensive damage.
  27. Seina looks over his former command.
  28. A shot more revealing of the true scale.
  29. Enter Neeju (the first of the silhouettes from the opening credits).
  30. In respect for the Kamidake.
  31. The entrance to Seto's bath. Rather... uhhhh... extravagant.
  32. Inside the bath. Extravagant was never such an understatement.
  33. Three pawns about to be played.
  34. Seina, safe for the moment, enjoying a bath.
  35. "May I scrub your back?" said the Seto to the Seina.
  36. Probably preferring to be a lab experiment, or captured by pirates at this point.
  37. The trio drop in on Seto's bath party (err, orgy?). Quick call Yohko or Buffy!
  38. Kiriko is in for some serious introspection. Portal, portal, in the air...
  39. Melancholy Kiriko. Unknown and worrisome futures?
  40. Kiriko to Seina. Fade across.
  41. Tube transport unit.
  42. Surprise! It's your new ride.
  43. Seto and company present the new fusion of technology and design.
  44. In orbit around Jurai.
  1. "The Distractions" Come here, boys.
  2. Seto presents... lunch.
  3. Amane, the demon-beast.
  4. Oh, no! Seina's got two more girls hanging on. Ooops, make that three.
  5. Fright Night, part one. Holy crap, that look will melt rock!
  6. Fright Night, part two. Run for your life, it's after your, um... soul.
  7. At this point, nothing can convince me otherwise... Tenchi's got it easy!
  8. Barouta-san gets some shocking genetic news.
  9. Ryouko and her great-grandfather. An heir to a royal house...?
  10. Airi doodles (Seto a distant relative of Lum's?). Interesting to note some of the reports are in Nordic runes.
  11. The man with the motorcycle moustache. This is Utsutsumi Kamiki, and he's married to Seto.
  12. Catfight in the onsen. I wager on Ryouko... no, Kiriko. Wait, Seto's interfering? My money's on her.
  13. A Seto manipulation in progress... Prelude to an orgy.
  14. Seina's initial reaction (wait shouldn't this have been reserved for letter "C"?).
  15. However, "Resistance is futile." It's the same three servant-girls, all hands-on, again...
  16. A delicious new crewmember for A, B and C.
  17. The Kamidake II rises.
  18. Kamidake II in full view, for scale.
  19. Neeju, the newest crewmember on the Kamidake.