Episode 11 - "First Paychecks and Presents"

  1. The bridge of Barouta's pirate ship.
  2. Confrontation with overwhelming odds.
  3. In the depths of space.
  4. The pirate council in their chamber.
  5. NB up to his typical antics. Don't ask me about this, I really hope to never know >_<
  6. Outside the space station.
  7. Inside one of the smaller sections of the space station.
  8. Seina, confused and embarrassed.
  9. Seina visits the lingerie/swimsuit shop.
  10. This trio would like a little more from Amane and Kiriko, than they are willing to give.
  11. Understand now? A rather large piece of fanservice. Okudo-san, put Ryoko or Aeka in this, will you? ^_^
  12. Seina takes a time out from shopping.
  13. Elma finds Seina. Now this is the type of fanservice I prefer. Her personality starts to show through.
  14. Seiryo-kun, Jedi master.
  15. Elma and Seina walk through the mall.
  16. Washu the Shopkeep. It looks like Washu has taken Earth junk to sell as collectors items. Curiouser and curiouser...
  17. After shopping and in the park. Elma in emotional turmoil. Love versus duty.
  18. Elma takes a walk to sort out her thoughts.
  19. Barouta is unable to complete her assignment and breaks down in front of Seina.
  1. Barouta Ryouko on the captain's throne.
  2. Barouta worried. Just can't lose GXP officer Yamada Seina.
  3. Barouta loses it. A dozen warps and she still can't evade 'em.
  4. Seiryo, a very pissed-off prisoner.
  5. A meet at the mall. Seina with another member of Elma's species.
  6. While shadowing Seina, Kiriko and Amane try on some naughty, next-to-nothings, to blend in.
  7. Elma close-up.
  8. Why you shouldn't screw with Amane and Kiriko (yes, the wording was intentional). See #10 and #11, above.
  9. The view of the mall, from the ceiling of the space station.
  10. Zooming in for a closer view of the mall.
  11. Seina-kun, Pimp-Daddy Deluxe. ^_^
  12. Seina meets Airi at the mall (hopefully that bird with the attitude is dinner).
  13. Barouta Ryouko determined.
  14. Barouta Ryouko restrained.
  15. Caught in the act.
  16. Arms outstretched. (from the original closing credits).