Episode 10 - "Baptism"

  1. Seina in a long corridor on one ship, as another transporter passes closely by.
  2. The front of the line to see the headmistress regarding intern assignments (part of a flashback).
  3. Mikami's office, and the long walk to her desk.
  4. The rest of the line-up at Mikami's office. Seina and pals, 1/4 from the right.
  5. Seina and crew in line.
  6. Kiriko and Airi have a little talk. As usual it's regarding Seina.
  7. Once again, the front of the line. Note the bodies haven't changed, just the hair... ^_^
  8. Seina in front of Amane. Just the appearance of a working relationship.
  9. During dinner, the group (Seina, Amane -- Kiriko, Elma, and Airi) discusses what's on their assignment tickets.
  10. Airi at the dinner table, watching as things progress...
  11. A facial close-up of Airi. Another pair of golden eyes...
  12. And Seina's return gaze.
  13. (The flashback ends). Seina follows Mitoto on a cleaning jaunt.
  14. A GP destroyer (?). Kiriko's new assignment. What potential do those guns have?
  15. Another view of the destroyer, this time from the side.
  16. A warp portal starts to open up in front of the destroyer.
  17. The stunned crew. From this distance, we can't see the captain's expression.
  18. The pirate captain, Tarant Shunk.
  19. The pirate warship, the Daidalos, with tractor beam system engaging.
  20. The jarring results as the tractor beams hit the destroyer.
  21. The two ships, practically mated, by means of the tractor beams.
  22. The engine room of the GP destroyer.
  23. Tarant's entry into a hallway already taken by the pirates, hence the bodies of the two GP crew on the deck.
  24. Tarant emerging from the breach hole he created.
  25. The engine room starting to pulse red from the pirate's sabotage.
  26. The boarding tubes, which seem more like tentacles than anything else.
  27. Emergency escape capsules. A crewmember instructs Seina and Mitoto to board them.
  28. After Tarant blows his way through the door, he prevents Seina's escape, and holds a gun to his head.
  29. Tarant's nearly insane stare, as he holds the wanted man at gunpoint.
  30. A slain pirate's body is thrown into the chamber, as a shadow slowly forms over it.
  31. Kiriko, bloodied, and in a deadly serious state.
  32. A nearly-full body shot, showing the effects of Kiriko's recent melee. And she is still HOT!
  33. Kiriko's killer kick.
  34. The sign outside of Yamada Seina's hospital room. (Yes, that is how to properly spell his name).
  35. Amane talks to Seina after the ordeal is over.
  36. Seina confesses his lack of capability during battle, and his reaction to the bloodied Kiriko.
  37. As he breaks down into tears, Amane comforts him.
  38. The new ship in dock. The Kamidake.
  39. The Barouta fan-club (Barry, Alan and Cohen), admires their new ship.
  40. Seina walks through the docking bay to his new assignment... As captain!
  1. A fully loaded cargo ship.
  2. It's big and round. Another GP Academy office building.
  3. Amane checks off the next intern.
  4. The next-in-line enters Mikami's office.
  5. The line continues to march past...
  6. A wink is as good as a... Amane acknowledging Seina.
  7. Dinner for five.
  8. Airi looking downright mean, when talking to Seina.
  9. The sky overhead. This image hints at the fact there are large structures on the one moon (or, it's a projection).
  10. Airi giving Kiriko some advice. "Go for it girl!"
  11. Mitoto pondering.
  12. We gotcha on the monitor! (is there a "T" missing, here?) When you're with Mitoto, you'll go places!
  13. The bridge of the GP destroyer.
  14. Confrontation between pirate ship and GP destroyer.
  15. Leave it to Mitoto to track down dessert... and Seina's luck to bury them in it.
  16. Gratuitous tentacle attack.
  17. Kiriko the avenger! Not at all pleased.
  18. Tarant gets a bead on the pair.
  19. Another of Tarant's offensive weaponry. Used for effective melee.
  20. Seina experiences Tarant's sadism directly. (I am NOT Ryo-Ohki!)
  21. Kiriko decloaks.
  22. Is this a GP based hospital-station? I'm not sure if this is it's only function, but it looks a mess.
  23. A moment of levity.
  24. A bad situation. Even as captain, his luck presides.

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