Episode 9 - "Stormy Space Training Cruise"

  1. Breakfast at Kaunaq's, with Elma and Amane.
  2. Kiriko and Amane. What is that green stuff?
  3. All three girls during breakfast.
  4. Amane salutes her new bridge crew.
  5. Seiryo contemplates his position of power. This begins to show how cracked and pompous he can be.
  6. A closer view of the cargo ship being used for a training mission. This shot gives it perspective.
  7. The officers seeing off the departing training ship.
  8. The officers at the departure, again, this time saluting the departing trainees.
  9. Seina and Rajau return the officer's salutes.
  10. More traing sessions, this time outside the ship doing EVAs (no not the anime, baka!).
  11. The cargo ship in space.
  12. The Barouta fan-club, together again, but on a different ship.
  13. Seiryo and Amane on the bridge.
  14. The fairly large mess hall onboard ship. With Seina's luck, I'm surprised he wasn't kitchen staff here.
  15. A long corridor in the cargo ship. (snore).
  16. Seiryo strikes a ridiculous pose. Straight from low-grade movie and anime productions (^_^).
  17. The boarding craft as they penetrate the outside hull of the ship.
  18. Our intrepid cadets trying to get in on the action during the pirate attack.
  19. Two pirates have Rajau and Kanis at a severe disadvantage (until Amane comes around the corner).
  20. Air escapes after the boarding craft penetrates the hull. The automatic systems apply green sealant to the breach.
  21. After penetration (by the boarding ship), Seiryo is literrally slammed into a wall.
  22. A rather stunning pirate, with serious presence. What does she want?
  23. The Barouta-sama fan club at their stations during the pirate crisis.
  24. The lady pirate and Seiryo face off in a cargo bay.
  25. Amane arriving much too late to help rescue Seina. Thankfully the pirates have already left (with Seiryo).
  26. An Airi facial profile.
  27. Amane and Kiriko at dinner.
  28. Seina just trying to get some rest. (He should be real glad he's not at the dinner table).
  29. The three girls discussing the training cruise events over dinner.
  30. The three girls are shocked and stunned after seeing Seina watching the peepshow.
  1. A shipping and cargo section of the station.
  2. The ship used for the training run. Thin ship, with two huge cargo containers.
  3. A salute before the mission starts.
  4. The ship embarks on the training run.
  5. A joyous Seina, with his roomies.
  6. An underside rear view of the ship.
  7. The control room/bridge.
  8. I am actually clueless on this shot, but it looks like they are working on a shuttle ship.
  9. A shipping tag with the GP Xpress stamp
  10. A prominent member of the bridge crew. Must have the vision of a sheepdog.
  11. Seina's main workplace during the cruise. Container inspection? How glamorous.
  12. Amane during most of the cruise. Nothing like working professionally with Seiryo.
  13. The ship's mess hall during an alert.
  14. A scan of the boarding ships on the bridge montior.
  15. A boarding transport penetrates the GP ship's shields.
  16. The pirates deploy from the boarding craft.
  17. NB provides the boys with a peepshow, provided by the ship's camera system.
  18. Seiryo has lost it again. Going after pirates, he comes across Seina, instead.
  19. Victims of Seiryo's rage. Horrified.
  20. Our new pirate character. Recognize her from the opening credits?
  21. A deliciously evil grin. C'mon, kick Seiryo's butt!
  22. The lightsaber duel. Listen carefully for the sounds of lawyers from Lucasfilm...
  23. Mikami in Airi's office. A more detailed view of the back wall.
  24. Amane's place at night.
  25. Elma talking with the girls about the training cruise.
  26. NB the traitor. NB reveals the peeping that was done by Seina, Kanis, and Rajau.
  1. A rather disturbing transition during the show (WtF were they thinking?).

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