Episode 7 - "Living Together"

  1. Amane walks one of the GP Academy main concourses.
  2. Another close-up on Amane's eyes.
  3. Heading home on a highway that borders the sea.
  4. A closer view of the vehicle on the highway, where we can now see Amane and Seina.
  5. Even closer, as we see the pair face-on through the windshield.
  6. And then zooming far above, we get to see the highway system over a couple of miles.
  7. More highway from above Amane's vehicle.
  8. Parked outside of Seina's GP dorm.
  9. Seina's roommates in the park.
  10. Also in the park, the Barouta fan club (Alan, Barry, and Cohen).
  11. The trio moons over their idol (and her photo).
  12. Outside one of the Kaunaq estates.
  13. An advertising display outside of the main building. Amane's family is in the clothing biz.
  14. Even the stores are freakin' huge out there.
  15. Seina is uneasy when Kiriko demandingly grills him about product choices.
  16. Things get a little more uncomfortable for Seina.
  17. Overlooking the "crater bay" outside the balcony of Airi's restaurant.
  18. What's for supper?
  19. The foursome being served dinner by Airi -- Does this reversal happen often?
  20. This is what you look like when dumped in the ocean and then into a garbage dump.
  21. Three party members are annoyed, Seina is just bewildered (as usual).
  22. Down boy! Airi knows how to silence the annoyance.
  23. Seina trains his strengthened body with "building blocks."
  24. Seina's new room within the Kaunaq estate, with supplied furniture.
  25. Where is everybody? Kiriko's view from above, looking to show Seina his new room.
  26. Amane massages Seina's, uhhhh, arms and legs. Why a bucket (this keeps popping up)?
  27. Elma in the bath, and Amane massaging Seina. Hey, I want one of these...
  28. Kiriko storms into the bath, thinking something is going on.
  1. Hmmmmm. What's Kiriko thinking?
  2. Seiryo bothers Amane on the highway.
  3. Jealousy ploy?
  4. No, probably more than that.
  5. Cell phones are so impersonal... Enter Elma.
  6. Amane... "Gotta wear shades"
  7. The two groups meet. Seina always gets our girls! ^_^
  8. Welcome to your new place...
  9. The residential area entry.
  10. The front door of the main house.
  11. A little stark. Well, actually, a huge lot of stark. Just inside the main house.
  12. A ship rises into view of the main window.
  13. Kiriko's arrival at the Kaunaq residence.
  14. Once again, torn between two...
  15. The ship departs.
  16. The group aboard ship.
  17. A wink and a smile from Elma.
  18. Parked at the store.
  19. Goin' shopping.
  20. These fish have no taste.
  21. Seafood Seiryo. Uh, what's that white thing doing?
  22. Amane trashes Seiryo.
  23. A watchful, and possibly disapproving, Elma.
  24. Crater bay (well that's my name for it -- It probably isn't even a natural formation).
  25. Kiriko's emotions get the better of her.
  26. Bucket, bucket, who's got all the buckets... "A little to the right, Amane"
  1. Funny Face - Amane
  2. Funny Face - Kiriko
  3. Funny Face - Elma
  4. Funny Face - Seiryo
  5. Funny Face - Seina
  6. Funny Face 2 - Seina
  7. Funny Face 2 - Kiriko

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