Episode 6 - "GP Academy Entrance"

  1. GP Academy assembly hall. The admissions ceremony. Males in Blue, females in pink ("it's my favorite crayon...")
  2. Mikami welcomes the cadets.
  3. The group around Seina. Funny, I didn't know "The Residents" managed to get into the GP...
  4. The GP Officers overseeing the ceremonies. (Notice the eye sizes...)
  5. Seina at attention, looking like he is about to explode... At ease, cadet.
  6. At attention, and... return salute!
  7. The results of Seina's use of the subspace powered public address system.
  8. And the officers are not spared. 3 motion effects and a pan so fast the MPEG encoder couldn't keep up.
  9. Seiryo trains the new cadets. Preparing for the Clone Wars. Another use for computer driven anime...
  10. On your mark... Ready... Go! Seiryo foreshadowing (preparing for the new "Daiundokai?").
  11. Getting help checking up on Seina.
  12. A closer view of the GP computer monitor system.
  13. A quiet and serene place to talk.
  14. A very concerned, and a little upset, Kiriko.
  15. Eyeing Seina just a little strongly. Wow, back that camera up a little.
  16. Kiriko confesses her worries to Seina.
  17. A little bitterness on a beautiful day.
  18. Seina, apparently a little stunned and worried due to Kiriko's outburst.
  19. One final heartfelt attempt. We can see here that the GP dental plan is an excellent one.
  20. And Seina's reaction.
  21. Seina resolute in his decision, much to the dismay of Kiriko.
  22. Seina quite steadfast.
  23. The promontory from overhead.
  24. Seina in the conditioning chamber. (Hmm, Tenchi requires a cabbit, but Seina only gets a tube?)
  25. So this is what it feels like to be a lava lamp. At least Amane and Elma seem happy.
  26. I don't look any different. Uh, who dressed him up in the skin-tights... Amane is smiling...
  27. The acclimatization chamber. For Seina's safety and the safety of others. A "rubber room" of a different kind.
  28. Unbelievable, I'm a human pinball.
  1. The new class. Just a bunch of faceless clones.
  2. A stuffy and pompous Seiryo.
  3. After Seina uses the subspace powered sound system. Watch for falling objects...
  4. Seiryo under wraps. It's all Seina's fault.
  5. After intruding on Kiriko and Amane's meal, Seiryo gets forked by Amane.
  6. Elma explains the procedure to Seina. And later nuzzles him... excessively.
  7. Seiryo's punishment for misdeeds is to clean the lavatories. Lesson... don't get caught attempting sabotage.
  8. A small park in orbit.
  9. Mitoto and Seiryo after a job well done. And just before Mitoto drags him through subspace.
  10. But it's dangerous (Kiriko's worries).
  11. "Seto-sama hajime..." Would you two just get it over with!
  12. Seiryo still busy keeping things safe from filth.
  13. Amane and Seina get lucky! (too bad it's only in Seiryo's imagination).
  14. It's a Pterran... It's a Mecha... It's Seina-man!
  15. Seiryo loses it. Looking like a good match for Ayeka.
  16. Don't know what's up here (Amane talking like a bullet train, again), but at least Elma's enjoying herself.
  17. It just looks like fun... "In just seven days, I can make you a super-man."
  18. It looks like Washu has a promising student in Elma.
  19. Elma, budding experimental biologist.