Episode 5 - "Darkness, Sweet Trap"

  1. Night over the Galaxy Police dormitory.
  2. Galactic humor... Either you get it, or you don't.
  3. Another exterior shot of the Galaxy Police dorms.
  4. Preparing for a night of partying. Rajyau and Kenesuko.
  5. Mental fantasy of an expected party.
  6. Mental image of a wild dance hall (with some really strange sculpture).
  7. Disabling the locks on a set of big doors. My what knockers!
  8. If you get caught, you get one of these... The dreaded "mark," too obscene to be seen.
  9. Being caught unawares. Are these Dr. Clay's only legacy?
  10. Running from the security 'bots, into the garage/warehouse.
  11. Still being chased.
  12. Rounding the corner, only to come face to face with...
  13. A huge group with the same idea, and same problem.
  14. Tag, you're it! Tag. Tag. Tag. Tag.
  15. A Galaxy Police aircar. Talk about a compact, this is absurd.
  16. "Save yourself, we're done for!" Rajyau and Kenesuko are marked men.
  17. Stuff 'em in the back and try to make a clean getaway.
  18. What did you expect, Seina's at the wheel, and he don't drive... The white blobs are what's left of the windshield.
  19. Speeding down the highway in a newly created convertible.
  20. A view of the big city, in the distance.
  21. Two young ladies taking an evening drive.
  22. Kenetsu smiles and tries to turn on the charm. But he's forgotten about the obscene "mark."
  23. It's so disgustingly obscene, that this is the reaction to Kenetsu's smile.
  24. Overhead shot of the 6 lane elevated super-highway, leading to/from the city.
  25. Getting strange looks from all the people on one side of the street.
  26. The pair's choice of headgear seems to elicit extreme worry on the part of those on the other side of the street, as well.
  27. Kenetsu's choice of headgear, close up.
  28. The trio takes a table at an outdoor cafe.
  29. Surprise! Amane finds the trio at their table.
  30. The exterior of the restaurant/bar that Amane invites the group to.
  31. Looking up, we see the unique lighting system.
  32. The bartender attending a small selection.
  33. And from the bartender's point of view. We can see the many small, unusual booths.
  34. Amane, the intense center of attention, has a cocktail.
  35. Wow! Amane is awesome! Happy happy, joy joy!
  36. After the booth descends, Amane uses a unique system to captivate her young fans.
  37. Amane overlooks her captives.
  38. This is your real captor. At this point, I'd be quite happy. What do you mean we're still being fooled?
  39. The boys' reaction to the news... I would like... If I may... to take you on a strange journey.
  40. One of the dismal subterranean corridors leading to where the trio will be experimented on.
  41. And we present, the moment of truth. Really just a huge open room.
  42. Atop the platform elevator.
  43. The subjects are warmly greeted. Congratulations.
  44. I'm having NGE flashbacks. Ack! Look at all the Gendou Ikari wannabes.
  45. All the scientific and simulation equipment and their support team.
  46. It's the chair! Shades of Washu. This is the core of Seina's experiment.
  47. Elma escorts Seina to the where his roommates are being experimented on. Why the separation? That's a spoiler.
  48. Other than fanservice, this experiment is... something I have no wish to dwell on.
  49. Too much fun for an experiment. Touch-a-touch-a-touch-a-touch me!
  50. Dropped of at the dormitory front gates. Note the front grille on Elma's car...
  51. Waving goodbye to their captivating captor.
  52. Seina's luck manages to have dwelled in his experiment data, which toasts the equipment in all of the trucks.
  53. Watching the vid, while Seina tries to remove his freshly acquired "mark."
  1. At attention during room check.
  2. And now, the occuptant verification.
  3. A close-up of one of the GP administrators.
  4. An owl with a mohawk.
  5. A goofy solution to the problem of the "mark."
  6. The boys are invited into a booth.
  7. Real close-up with Amane.
  8. Seina gone to pieces? Seina in a bottle?
  9. Elma in the dark (enhanced).
  10. Youkoso!! Welcoming the guinea pigs.
  11. The experimenters examining Seina's roommates.
  12. Galactic comedy team. I don't get it.
  13. Elma drops the boys off at academy.
  14. Surrounded again!
  15. Elma frazzled.
  16. Waiting for the data recovery.
  17. Seina's sim corrupted. A drunken bum.
  18. Elma worried.
  19. Seina's a marked man.

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