Episode 4 - "Lost in the Mist, Seduced by the Rain"

  1. A small section of one of the three rings of the planet-sized space station (this shot was mirrored for a second pass).
  2. Another bridge pan-shot of the GP transport ship, but this time with Seina.
  3. The e-lines (docking-beams), reach out toward the transport ship.
  4. The transport ship, attached to the e-lines.
  5. Seina looking a bit surprised, and overwhelmed.
  6. The transport ship, docked over what seems to be a nano-tank or something similar.
  7. A forward view of the docked ship.
  8. Mitoto's father, Minami, greets the crew at the docking station.
  9. Mitoto's father keeps her from running off. Hello, is this your cat?
  10. Showing off Barouta-sama memorabilia. Bow before your goddess!
  11. Population parade. The leftmost 1/5 of this was the still, while the crowd walked by, I just extended it. Surfing?
  12. GP Academy immigration/admission stations 11 through 13. Look at all the bipedal humanoids.
  13. Kiriko entering Seina's application into the system.
  14. Kiriko sitting at her GP immigration office. (I could have used her stern look, but preferred the smile).
  15. The first of two wrinked-nose, angry stares from Kiriko.
  16. The second.
  17. A lethal gaze from Kiriko.
  18. A looks-could-kill shot from Amane.
  19. Chairwoman Airi in her office.
  20. An intense Airi stare. "What is your choice?" Why do I feel like a mouse in the gaze of a snake?
  21. Airi drags Seina off to a transport booth.
  22. Seina and Airi taking a moment out to talk.
  23. A worried Kiriko in Airi's office, talking to Mikami.
  24. A stunned Kiriko, just before she gets her new assignment as an instructor. An effective reduction in rank.
  25. Seina's first meeting with Elma. Have we met before? A date? Sure!
  26. Seina being electronically scanned.
  27. Seina leaves the admissions section after completing the required procedures.
  28. A rather unusual looking part of the station architecture.
  29. The underside of a portion of the above structure.
  30. An administration desk at GP? This is where Airi leave Seina to be ambushed by Seiryo.
  31. Seiryo's a fan-boy! Nothing like harrassing the newbies...
  32. Seiryo's facial close-up.
  33. A typical inside/outside interface (yes, that is supposed to be Seina and Airi). Boggles the mind, doesn't it?
  34. One of the many galleries in the station.
  35. Seina's new academy roommates, Kanis Subare and Rajau Ga Waura
  36. Kanis, trying to cheer up Seina. You can't be so down if you're staying with us.
  1. The transport ship finally arrives at the GP station.
  2. The stations e-line docking system.
  3. You should have strapped in for docking, especially since the crew is drooling over Barouta pictures.
  4. A view taking in all three rings of the huge station.
  5. Box o' booty (in today's culture that doesn't sound right). The real treasure.
  6. No escape for Mitoto. Her father uses the dock machinery to catch her.
  7. Seina's luck strikes again. He falls through a hole and lands on the docking/repair facilities' control console.
  8. An unusual setting. A waiting area for the immigration/admissions section.
  9. The cult of personality. Many members of the Barouta-sama fan club.
  10. This just don't look right. Kai is actually praying to the gods of beautiful women (I like this religion). ^_^
  11. This doesn't look right, either. Kiriko can be really scary, as she demonstrates by terrifying the captain.
  12. Airi and Mikami meet the trio to discuss Seina's admission.
  13. No need for a window office. This is what GP means by "office space."
  14. A smug Amane and disappointed Kiriko. You can see the far side of Airi's office, here.
  15. What a big tongue you have, my dear. Amane's retort for her delayed promotion.
  16. Nuzzled again. There must be something about Seina's cheek...
  17. A clarification of family relations. Migraine time. Missing two small bits. [IMAGE] The zoomed bits. [IMAGE]
  18. Automatic clothes can be convenient, but are hazardous around Seina.
  19. Seina's luck hits again, as the food delivery system goes haywire (I wonder how long it took to stop this).

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