Episode 3 - "Devil Princess of Jurai"

  1. The pack (or is that school?) of pirates in subspace.
  2. The shark-ship, with a better view from above.
  3. A closer view of the shark-ship's "mask." Is this another reference to the Ryoko that raided Jurai?
  4. Navigation viewscreen.
  5. The captain and her first mate.
  6. Slamming on the subspace brakes.
  7. This ain't good. Barouta's crew sees the horror caused by Seina's luck.
  8. The triple zed navigation code.
  9. Barouta reviewing the situation.
  10. It's full of ships.
  11. Docking path.
  12. A closer view of the ring that ripples. Is this part of the subspace drive system, or something more powerful?
  13. Seto-hime's tree-ship, the Mikagami, linked to the GP transport ship.
  14. Welcome aboard. You certainly have made a big impression.
  15. Now that is a big tree!
  16. Wow. All of this is inside a ship?
  17. Seina and Mitoto are escorted through the forest.
  18. Seto relaxing. Is she too relaxed? It almost looks like she had too much "bad tea." <gomen>
  19. A nice facial shot of Seto.
  20. An intense stare from Seto.
  21. A grin like this tends to make one age prematurely.
  22. A bust up shot of Seto, looking fairly serious.
  23. Masaki Minaho in service to Seto.
  24. A wider panorama of the great tree.
  25. Hirata Kanemichi's intent eyes.
  26. Seto is watching you. Another close-up eye shot.
  27. Seina making his fateful decision. You made a promise to Seto?!?
  28. The transport ship, scored, scarred, and battered.
  29. A happy, cherubic, Seina.
  30. An ambush of sorts. First star on the right, and on until morning. <gomen>
  31. Barouta Ryouko's pirate ship in normal space.
  32. A rendezvous in the dark.
  33. Surprise! Not exactly the reception we were expecting.
  34. A subtle smile from Barouta. Note her double irises.
  35. Yet another super-close Seina facial, a little flustered. I want you to join us.
  36. Reach out and touch someone. Seina holding Ryouko's hand. I already promised to join GP.
  37. A more business-like Barouta. But I think pirates are bad.
  38. Saying goodbye to Barouta-san. Next time we will be enemies.
  39. Contemplating our hapless hero. The start of something bigger, Kajashima Masaki style.
  1. Yo-ho yo-ho, a pirate's life for me.
  2. Rising above the crowd
  3. A lone ship amid the pirates.
  4. We give up!
  5. The bridge with guest modifications.
  6. Who the hell is this?
  7. A tree-shuttle.
  8. Royal court page? I am not certain what the official title for these court officials are.
  9. A rabbit thing. Could little Ryo-chan be modeled on this creature?
  10. Sheep-dogs, or something like that.
  11. Seto's residence.
  12. Boar things. And, of course, Seina manages to harm the baby, and mama's pissed!
  13. Suiren in attendance.
  14. Amane's first fiancee.
  15. Amane's second fiancee.
  16. Seina about to feed the animals.
  17. The oni shows it's face.
  18. Mitoto having fun, while the captain has a fit.
  19. Ryouko boards the ship.
  20. Mitoto presents the bouquet.
  21. A great Barouta shot.
  22. Alan's fantasy
  23. Barry's fantasy
  24. Cohen's fantasy. This is why we see him shootin' blood in the eyecatcher.
  25. The snapshot. Mitoto is still petting Seina.
  26. A very kawaii Barouta, thinking of a pleasant future.

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