Episode 2 - "Police and Pirates"

  1. A very wide profile of the transport ship that picked up Seina. This was a pain, since the ship was entirely CG modeled.
  2. "It doesn't feel like we're in space." Freak out Seina by turning the walls into a video display.
  3. So you wanna see Earth, do you?
  4. Seina must have had a good rest on the ship, his eyes aren't bloodshot...
  5. An incident in a large city, from the GP orientation video.
  6. The Galaxy Police poster boy. Errr, man...
  7. A balloon caught in a tree. Soon to be rescued by an officer.
  8. An incredibly tall shot of the transportation ship, from above (well half of it, anyway).
  9. Seina, clearly impressed by the ship's bridge.
  10. Warp. WARP. WARP! Seina proving, once again, he's a newbie.
  11. A long, empty corridor in the transporter ship. Quite boring.
  12. A stasis or cold-sleep chamber. This is a transport ship, after all. I hope that's a blanket in the last upper berth.
  13. Is this the engineering section? If not, I don't know where it is, but it is manned by mechanoids.
  14. The lead pirate on the tail of the GP transport ship. Face unrevealed for suspense purposes (I hope).
  15. Kiriko's front porch.
  16. Another shot of the bridge, wider, and without Seina.
  17. Inside one of the pirate ships. What a dark and depressing place.
  18. Listening in on communications.
  19. The pirate captain, intent on capturing the tiny little GP transport.
  20. Three probe deployment missiles punch through the transport ship's bulkhead.
  21. A deployment missile from inside the GP ship.
  22. A closer view of one of the missiles.
  23. A warp prescient pirate. He looks incredibly familiar...
  24. Outnumbered. This image appears in digital dictionaries under "overkill."
  25. A view past Seto's backside, of her tree-ship's bridge.
  26. A really nice shot of Seto, from the waist, up. This time, from the front.
  27. Inside the cloud of pirate ships, as space begins to ripple.
  28. Seto's tree-ship rises from subspace into realspace.
  29. A closer view of Seto's tree-ship, as it rises from subspace.
  30. Oni-hime. I believe it, those are some truly monstrous, uhhh... never mind, but I'm scared.
  1. The GP Transportation ship, from the underside.
  2. The logo at the start of the orientation.
  3. A large and ugly pirate ship. Looks like a refurbished oil tanker, don't it?
  4. Only 300 points for gettin' the bad guys?
  5. A GP tunneling vessel. Wow! Verne-tech!
  6. A GP submarine. Man that sure is deep.
  7. Arresting a shoplifter. See, Frankenstein's creature is still alive. Cactus-men?
  8. Cool, another medal. Tentacle alert!
  9. We meet Alan, Barry, and Cohen
  10. Cohen's close-up.
  11. Kiriko and Kai's place. Nice...
  12. Kai, don't scratch your butt.
  13. The Galaxy Police, leaders in high-tech communication devices ^_^
  14. The sister without a clue... c'mon it's your walking disaster of a brother...
  15. Kuramitsu Mitoto, completely unconcerned.
  16. The captain of the GP transportation ship.
  17. Approaching the net. Like this would really bother a ship...?
  18. The navigational display. It has some really interesting comments regarding what it displays (a lot more than just "Oh!My!!").
  19. Alan's close-up.
  20. About to deploy the mouse probes.
  21. Barry's close-up.
  22. The transport ship in sub-space.
  23. Pirates, pirates, everywhere. Let's get outta here!
  24. I've never seen anything like it. One GP transporter against hundreds of pirates?
  25. Seto's tree-ship, Mikagami.

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