Episode 1 - "Fog After Rain, Sometimes Unlucky"

  1. A beautiful day outside the Yamada store.
  2. The inside of the store during normal business hours. Though small, it is popular.
  3. Running home after a long absence.
  4. A close-up of the Yamada store sign, as the stormclouds gather. One of those rooms is Seina's.
  5. In the Yamada store during a lull. This usually means that Seina is somewhere close by.
  6. Seina bringing the storm home with him.
  7. The mountains in the more rural section of Okayama.
  8. A rather pointless pan capture, since it's all foliage and light, but hey, can't shirk the job...
  9. One of the huge carrot fields along Seina's shortcut route.
  10. The Masaki house, still the same design as in OVA ep. 7. Amazing considering the abuse it takes in GXP.
  11. Seina retrieves water from the Masaki lake. Something is causing strong ripples.
  12. Seina startes at the ripples in the bucket. Hmmm, shades of the Jurassic park movie?
  13. An extreme close-up on Seina's eyes.
  14. After rescuing Seina from drowning. Note Amane has pretty much stripped him and is drying his clothes.
  15. Another of the frequent extreme facial close-ups. Amane's baby blues.
  16. Amane on all fours (well, three anyway), and in Seina's face.
  17. Amane takes one last look back (and then winks).
  18. Seina contemplates Amane's vanishing. With such a view, would you want to live anywhere else?
  19. Seina sitting alone on the Masaki deck. Soon to rush off to Kiriko's place.
  20. Another typical bicycle tragedy, care of Yamada Seina.
  21. Somehow, still traveling downhill out of control, pieces of the bike fly above the tree canopy.
  22. Catapulted over a cliff, Seina enters freefall.
  23. A very beatifuuly domestic Kiriko. (Watch for falling Yamada's)
  24. Seina presents himself in front of Kiriko (he probably looks like this most of the time).
  25. This is Kiriko's extreme facial close-up.
  26. Another Seina close-up. A little embarrassed this time.
  27. The remains of a quick snack.
  28. Yamada get's another shock. Ryoko shows that she is still lacking a significant amount of restraint, in many ways.
  29. The fading sun over Okayama.
  30. The Yamada family performing an act of minor fraud. Got it! Fingerprinted against his wishes.
  31. Late at night, outside the Yamada store.
  32. Mitoto petting Seina, from his point of view. I don't care... for some reason this just seems extremely erotic.
  33. And now... Mitoto's extreme close-up. Now, why does Mihoshi not have pupils?
  34. Now that you are awake... Welcome to GP.
  35. When the ceiling reveals the stars from space, Seina is delighted.
  36. The GP banner emblazoned on the outside of the ship.
  1. A Seina sandwich... One sheet of glass, one Seina, and a canopy to top it off.
  2. One of Seina's friends... Xxxxx
  3. Another of Seina's friends... Xxxxx
  4. Amane's landing. We can see a little of the shape of the ship, and the fact it is using some sort of cloaking field.
  5. Seina and the inland tsunami (sorry, not her, you'll have to wait for ep. 17 for the closest you'll get in GXP)
  6. The Masaki house takes another major hit!
  7. Amane displaying her ability to talk as fast as a bullet train.
  8. Amane teasing Seina. You can see inside the house in this shot. Ya' know, if you stop backing up...
  9. Now that the flood waters have receeded, a closer overhead view of the house.
  10. Examining the GP application "pamphlet." It's transparent from the outside, but opaque from the inside. 21st tech.
  11. The message left with Tenchi's package.
  12. Kiriko examining the curious red marks on Seina's lips.
  13. Kiriko's brother, Xxxxx.
  14. Seina's luck strikes again.
  15. A close up of the GP application. Note that the GP Headquarters from TVTM! is clearly pictured. Runes?!?
  16. Seina's sister, Xxxx, showing off the completed application. Wayyy too smug!
  17. The first of several images showing the damage results from Seina's luck.
  18. Inside Seina's room, as he prepares to get some rest.
  19. Thinking about what GP could possibly be. Note more prominent damage.
  20. Daydreaming (during the night). Dream on...
  21. It's calling...
  22. In bed with Mitoto.
  23. Explaining what GP is. Somehow this doesn't look proper. Sit boy. Good boy.
  24. The going away video... A very cold farewell. "My cake!"
  25. Leaving the Solar System.

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